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Newly released Political Science book for class 12 brings in a big relief for the CBSE board students

Press Release: March 22, 2021

Wednesday, March 17, 2021, 4.30 PM:

Rachna Sagar Pvt Ltd—a leading publisher in developing and publishing quality educational books for classes pre-primary till XII, has recently given a big relief to the students belonging to Political Science stream, who were striving very hard to get an appropriate study material to prepare for the board exams. The company has released the latest Together with CBSE board Political Science book for class 12 in an exclusive webinar held yesterday. This CBSE study material is totally based on the latest and reduced CBSE syllabus, which is a noticeable feature of the iconic ‘Together with’ brand. 

The webinar was held under the leadership of Mr. Lalit Gupta—the Chairman and Managing Director of the company, who gave an insight into this Political Science book for class 12 to the students and teachers present at the meet. He discussed about the following key features of this study material that make it unique in the market: 

  • Chapter wise —
  1. Important Terms and Concepts                                  
  2. NCERT Exercises
  3. Solved Question Bank (MCQs, Fill in the Blanks, Match the Column, Previous Years’ and Practice Questions) 
  4. Answers to Practice Questions
  • Practice Papers (2 Solved, 3 Unsolved), Designed on Time Management Skills as suggested by the CBSE
  • Project Work 

Mr. Gupta also unfolded the following key objectives behind releasing the latest Together with CBSE Political Science Study Material for Class 12: 

  • The text is primarily designed to equip the students with perfect support and practice material to coach them to get 100% result in Class 12 Political Science board examination. 
  • The book will also foster thinking skills among the students so that they understand the board exam rubrics and its marking scheme. 
  • Studying dedicatedly through this latest Political Science study material for class 12will fetch you best marks in the upcoming board examination. 

At the beginning of the webinar, Mr. Gupta asked all live students to tell a feature each one of them would like to have in a study material for Political Science. By the end of the webinar, it stood confirmed that whatever a student can ask for, is covered in this Together with CBSE board Political Science book for class 12. As soon as the webinar was over, there were several orders placed for this study material and the number is increasing every hour. Mr. Gupta is hopeful that this Together with Political Science study material will prove to be a boon for all aspiring 12th board students and would help them to choose their desirable stream of education post exams. 

If you too wish to place an order and get attractive discounts on this CBSE study material, visit rachnasagar.in or email us at order@rachnasagar.in 

Good luck! 

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