Home Only 50% of women as compared to men enroll in a course for every 100 interested - Amity Online study

Only 50% of women as compared to men enroll in a course for every 100 interested - Amity Online study

Press Release: March 24, 2021

Ø  Amity University Online initiative ‘Second Chance’ supports women looking to restart their careers
Ø  The first phase saw 100+ enrollments from women across India during women’s day campaign
Ø  Inspiring success stories of women reach more than 4,00,000 females across India

New Delhi, February 22, 2021: In its endeavor to nourish and support careers, Amity University Online has a unique focus on female professionals. It has announced the ‘Second Chance’ program, that supports women who are looking to restart their careers by providing global education at special scholarships along with flexible payment options. In addition, Amity University Online along with expert mentors from industry provides guidance and training to women which helps them upskill and fulfill their long term and short-term projects and job requirements. 

On the development, Mr. Ajit Chauhan, Chairman, Amity Online Group said, “We at Amity University Online are constantly on a mission to make India a knowledge superpower. Through these scholarships, we aim to create a most preferred networking platform for women that will help them cooperate, collaborate, nurture and grow together and to bring them closer to achieving their true potential by encouraging work-from-home as well as flexible job opportunities.”

Through an internal study at Amity University Online in 2020 it was found that just 50% of females as compared to males actual enroll in a course for every 100 who showed interest. This brought under the lens a very important yet often ignored fact that the drive to learn is existent across genders but the decision to invest in self is often not favorable in case of females in India. 

Addressing the issue at hand, Amity University Online chose to work on its offerings and brought into place a unique scholarship for ‘Women Empowerment’. Under this initiative working women who were looking at making a career comeback after a sabbatical were offered a ‘Second Chance’ that translates into 20% scholarships across all 24 programs offered by the University in online mode. After this milestone decision, Amity University Online saw an uplift in the number of interests that converted into final applicants. This was further strengthened with building an ecosystem for referring females at work and home towards upskilling. This gave an overall societal push towards pursuing education despite age, circumstances and life stages.

After speaking to a few HR professionals, it was found that women often are not able to break through the glass ceiling due to their own inconsistency in upskilling themselves and advancing their skillsets after getting into the workforce. For working women who already tackle a lot of hardships and challenges to establish a work life balance taking on a self-learning course does not come naturally. Understanding this pain area, success stories of women who have done it was shared as social proof to help them break the mental barriers and come forward to advance their careers. 

This was led by a hero story of Sneha Sharma, an Amity Online MBA student who is also a Formula 4 racing Champion, Captain Commander and motivational speaker. Her inspiring story was shared with more than 4,00,000 females on the occasion of Women’s day across India. A full week of InstaClass by industry women leaders including, Aditi Chaturvedi Behl, Founder - St. Lutalica, Founder – Ilead, Ritika Kumar, owner, start-up Curious Kids Media Tech, Dr. Priya Mary Mathew is the Director – Academics at Amity University Online was organized to further catapult the impact and create more inspiration. 

As a result, Amity University Online saw about 135 women availing the special scholarship and choosing to further their careers through upskilling in the initial phase of the campaign. The social media campaign to bring forth the power stories of its women students also garnered a lot of favorable response. 



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