Home Organizational Behavior Grad student analysis of Enron Inc. shows that high stress and pressure environment can lead to a toxic culture.

Organizational Behavior Grad student analysis of Enron Inc. shows that high stress and pressure environment can lead to a toxic culture.

Press Release: March 15, 2021

Jacob Khan's paper for Organizational Behavior analysis Enron's organizational culture and makes recommendations for creating a more inclusive organization.

Organizations can reduce stress by incorporating the following how they lead and manage their human capital. i. Give your employees a set of demands and requirements that are considered healthy to maintain a healthy work/life balance. ii. Employers that score low in annual evaluations should be trained and developed. iii. Employers should invest in providing job security and career development. iv. Employers should maintain a healthy work schedule that allows for flex time and other alternative work schedules. v. Some employers should consider creating wellness programs that train employees on how to manage stress.

According to Jacob Khan, "Organizational culture is one of the most important assets of a company. It will put your organization in a position of thriving or coping depending on how well it is fostered."

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