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Outdoor activities to try this summer in the UK

Press Release: July 17, 2020

During the lockdown phase, many people have had the time to embrace new hobbies, develop new skills and indulge in unique forms of entertainment.


Online courses for baking banana bread or practising the art of sourdough were some of the few tasty interests that were picked up, among others which included learning new musical instruments and tuning into specialized podcasts.


Interestingly enough, many of these new initiatives turned into productive and positive means of giving back to the community during naturally unfavourable times, even while an entire population was being limited to isolation.


While still adhering to social distancing recommendations and maintaining safe travels, why not give a chance to new out-of-the-house experiences this Summer? Indie Campers, a leading campervan and motorhome hire company in Europe, is suggesting some outdoor activities to discover (or rediscover) in the upcoming months.


  1. Stand Up Paddle to discipline the steadiness of both the body and the mind. This water-sport can be practised both at sea or in lakes. It's a really good excuse for a family weekend getaway to the calm lakes or the lagoon that you've been wanting to strike off your checklist of water-related adventures.


  1. Surf. For those who enjoy the feel of adrenaline, there is nothing greater than trying to perfect your balance on top of a wave. As it is possibly the most popular sport among those on this list, experts say that it is never too late to start picking up the board and pursuing a surf class.There are surfing waves all over the United Kingdom from as far south as Sennon Cove in Cornwall right up to Thurso on the North coast of Scotland. Some famous UK surf beaches include Fistral beach, Pease bay, Llangennith beach and Boscombe pier.


  1. Trekking. If water is not your thing, there is a lot to do onshore. Undoubtedly, it is not difficult to look up a trail, a cliff or a range in the UK that has not yet been fully explored. However, it would be trickier to pick one among the many on your bucket list! Check out Indie Campers’ route for a leisurely weekCross the British Coast on this South England road trip for inspiration.Essential tip: hydration is key before, during and after the walk.


  1. Plogging. It's never a bad time to explore new sports, and the best part is that it will boost your body, mind and the environment... all at once! Plogging is the activity of walking, hiking or running outdoors while picking up litter along the way. The initiative, which exercises the body and the community, began in Sweden and today has groups of practitioners and enthusiasts all over the world, including in the UK.


Countless studies and researches reveal that putting the mind and the body in front of new circumstances creates a strong cerebral stimulus. With this in mind, Indie Campers are currently challenging people, young and old, to try out these recommendations and plan a road trip through the UK by exploring the many available itinerary options in the country.


Does a family plogging championship or a fun stand-up paddle competition between a couple sound good? Regardless of the activities and plans that will be taken up this summer, it is inevitable to re-emphasise the importance of fully considering the current restrictions in force at national and regional levels.


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