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#PASSIONEMONDIALI: IQUII and Copernicani together lauch a petition to ask RAI broadcasting Italian World cup matches from ’82s until today

Press Release: March 17, 2020

IQUII and Copernicani have joined forces to support the initiative #PassioneMondiali which aims to relieve the Italian team emotions of the past. The petition, which is accessible by change.org, and passionemondiali.it, intends to ask RAI to include the matches of the National Football team from 1982 until today in the programme schedule. The desire is to turn the sport into a metaphor which supports Italians in the fight against a difficult but not impossible opponent to beat: the COVID-19. And today too, we play with the Italian “catenaccio”. By rediscovering the spirit of belonging and the attachment to the Azzurri keeping alive the passion for football, the favourite sport of this Italy worn out by the recent Government’s measures of protection, we will find the resilience that only the sport is able to give us back. The Azzurri adventures of the great Italian players, starting from the Italy of Bearzots arriving to that magnificent world championship in Spain, will bring back strong emotions to the fans as when they were childen and watched the matches that has made the history of the most loved sport ever. No one in the world would have dared to hope for the miracle of another Italian victory. Gianni Brera declared after the success of the World Cup in ’82s and we all cheer Italy together, today more than ever. How to participate in the petition Use the link passionemondiali.it and you will link directly to the petition published on change.org, the free online platform of social campaigns with over 250 million users in 196 countries. Sign it in digital mode by entering your email and expressing your request for RAI to broadcast, every day, a football national game. Fabio lalli, CEO of IQUII: “In this difficult moment, IQUII is working to plan initiatives for supporting through its expertise Italy in its fight against the diseases. At the first place there is the awareness of people for staying at home, an hot issue for the number of infected and the current spread of Covid-19. Our vision is optimistic towards the future of an entire nation that, we are sure about it, will come out stronger than it was before, learning to live a new routine”. Patrizia Feletig, President Copernican: “As Copernicani we have always mobilized to give strength to a positive vision of the future. Launching this petition we count on the planning of the public service to give emotions to all those who repeat #iorestoacasa in compliance with the rules. We believe in the thaumaturgical effect of these matches entered the hearts of the Italians, now that we are experiencing the health emergency, to make a sacrifice of their individual liberties. If, as is claimed, football is the national disease of Italy, then it becomes, symbolically also the cure”

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