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Perfect4U: Meet the UK Lingerie company Fighting the Body Shame Epidemic

Press Release: March 31, 2021

A 2019 Survey by the Mental Health Foundation in association with YouGov found 63% of people asked
felt negatively about their body image. Common words used to describe how their bodies made them
feel included ‘Shame’ and ‘Disgust’. Furthermore 22% of adults and 40% of teenagers said social media
was a frequent trigger of such feelings. The report highlighted an individual responsibility to positively
impact those around us, by promoting body kindness.

Body empowerment and confidence go hand in hand with female empowerment and the idea that
women of all shapes and sizes should be allowed to feel confident and sexy. While plus size models are
now making it onto some inclusive lingerie catwalks the idea of an entire brand dedicated exclusively to
dressing larger women in lingerie remained elusive. That is, until now…

Designed in the UK, Perfect4U, offer a vibrant and exciting selection of luxury chemises,
nightwear, lingerie, baby-dolls and loungewear. Founded in 2005, the company
specialise in women's plus size, high quality, perfectly-fitting, lace lingerie for sizes 18-32. In addition to
helping encourage body positivity with their specially designed pieces, Perfect4U actively promote using
real women as their models. Using their Instagram platform the brand have helped amplify and normalise
larger women being seen in lingerie. Winners of the Prestige award for Lingerie Store of the Year and a
regular fixture in Cosmopolitan and Harper's Bazaar Magazines, Perfect4U’s message of body positivity
is spreading.

How Perfect4U design their lingerie is fairly unique in the industry. Traditionally, lingerie is designed with a
sample size model in mind and then adjusted to accommodate larger sizes. This process means that
larger sizes of conventional lingerie are often ill-fitting, unflattering or proportioned wrong. By designing
especially for larger bodies and larger breasts, Perfect4U create pieces that sit comfortably against the
body’s curves. Simple additions such as the inclusion of a second layer in the bra for offers superior
comfort and support, while the double layer of soft lace grants just the right amount of coverage and
reveal. By designing with a curvy body in mind Perfect4U can offer an unrivalled level of comfort and

Perfect4U offer beautiful, high quality, purpose designed lingerie that can empower and champion the
wearer. Only by each of us taking individual responsibility to promote body kindness, can we help reverse
and overcome the body shame epidemic. Perfect4U are here to spread the love.
Find out more about Perfect4U and their campaign to promote body kindness at Perfect4ufashion.co.uk

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