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Practice well with NEET Test Prep App by Extramarks

Press Release: January 07, 2021

It has been a year since Extramarks, the premier education technology company, launched the new version of their NEET Test Prep App. The app promised to answer all of the needs of NEET aspirants who want to become future doctors.
Let’s take a look at the numerous features of the app that was launched last year. The app comes with plenty of new and upgraded features such as the ultra-famous Extramarks Sessions. These lectures or sessions are actually live and recorded lectures that are provided by the experienced Extramarks faculty. The faculty is highly experienced and has a proven track of having produced top NEET ranks over the many last years.
The Extramarks Sessions provide two sorts of video lessons. In one, the faculty addresses all the core concepts necessary for NEET preparation, and in the second one, the faculty focuses on resolving doubts that are shared live or in advance by the students.
The app has been curated by the best academic experts and brings lectures home thus saving students from the issue of visiting expensive coaching.
The app comes with smart features like micro-scheduling, live sessions, downloadable notes and makes sure that the students get everything necessary for practice for NEET.
When the app was launched, Ritvik Kulshrestha, CEO, Extramarks Education said: "Our app is an adaptive preparation platform. It integrates latest technology and expert pedagogy to build a learning environment which responds to the needs of individual students, while keeping in mind the rigour needed for the exam. We have worked hard on doing thorough research to provide students with good quality learning material and ample practice tests which match the actual pattern of the exam.”
"In addition, while learning on our app, the student can take live tests which simulate the exam environment and generate peer ranking, so that the students can know exactly where they stand."
There are also National Level Weekly Tests that have been innovated by Extramarks and have become very popular with students who want to check their all-India rank at home. These help students develop exam confidence and let them know their areas of gap, strength, and focus. 
The Extramarks Sessions are bilingual, available in English and Hindi so students can view them as per their comfort.


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