Home Reggae Reggae sauce entrepreneur releases single 'So Out Of My Mind'

Reggae Reggae sauce entrepreneur releases single 'So Out Of My Mind'

Press Release: December 08, 2009

Levi Roots - So Out Of My Mind

Fresh New Sun Kissed Sounds from MOBO Nominated Levi Roots

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So Out of My Mind is an upbeat commercial reggae track taken from the forthcoming album Red Hot. Its romance, its sun kissed and its even got a bit of Shakespeare thrown in, so give it a spin and youll be daydreaming Jamaica by the second chorus. This is classic drop beat for the dancing feet but underneath the Caribbean rhythm lies a classic tale of heartbreak.

In 2007 Levi recorded a track called Red Hot for producers Mafia and Fluxy which featured on their Roots and Volume compilation. This inspired Levi to get into the studio and record his own album by the same name which features more cutting edge roots music, fresher rhythms and remixes.

Currently staring in his own Caribbean cooking show on BBC 2, touring the country with a new book, providing a hot mix of food and music in his RASTAraunt and of course, mixing up the now infamous Reggae Reggae sauces, Levi is one of the busiest men in the business, but hes certainly no stranger to the game, in fact, he got his first break MCing for Sir Coxsone Outernational Soundsystem back in the early 80s.

Musical Background

After his stint MCing, Levi released his debut single, Poormans Story coupled with Fred Locks Voice of the poor which became an instant favourite with reggae fans and Levi was launched into the UK recording scene. Taking lead vocals on his new band Matic 16 and signing to Jimmy Lindseys label Music Hive the band recorded the classic steppers anthem Jahovah and then later No Money today for producer Peter Richards Regent Record label.

In 1982 Levi set up his own label Conqueror Records and Matic 16s third track Say You Want Me was released. He also gave musical breaks to Mikey Generals Baby Mother and Jack Radics Walk on By. Matic 16 was short lived and in 1983 Levi kicked off his solo career with a trip to Jamaica.

Fast forward to 1990 and a meeting with Nelson Mandela which inspired Levi to make a new album and label. He sold the Conqueror Records back catalogue to Kicking Records and Sound Box Media (SBM) was born. With his new musical venture Levi got back together with Matic 16 and produced his critically acclaimed album Free Your Mind. Taking two years to complete, releasing it in 1998 the album was one of the finest roots records to be produced in the UK for a long time, winning positive acclaim from music lovers and journalists worldwide. The success of this album meant Levi was nominated for Best Reggae Performer at the MOBO Awards 1998. He was one of the first UK roots and culture artists to be recognised for a major music award.

Levi has since taken over production duties for many Jamaican artists including Luciano, Anthony B, Yammi Bolo and aspiring DJs Spectacular and Tyrical who were hot property on Soundbox 7 singles.

Taking his laid back Jamaican cool, Levi finds inspiration from his love of music and food to bring the sunshine of the Caribbean to all his ventures, and this is no exception.

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