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RowAnalytics launches Synomics Studio, a powerful new multi-factor association platform for life science and clinical research

Press Release: September 08, 2017

Synomics Studio enables scientists to perform massive association studies correlating up to 50 genomic, phenotypic and clinical factors with disease risk and therapy response

Oxford, United Kingdom -September 6th, 2017- Complex data analytics software provider RowAnalytics Ltd today announced the release of Synomics Studio, its powerful new multi-SNP association platform for large scale genomic population studies. Synomics Studio enables much larger and more detailed genomics studies to be performed quickly on desktop server hardware. It identifies and validates sets of genomic, phenotypic and clinical factors that, in specific combinations, are strongly associated with disease risk, disease protective effects and therapy response. Synomics Studio will form part of RowAnalytics’ precision.life product suite.
In recent studies in bipolar and breast cancer populations, Synomics Studio has helped to identify combinations of up to 17 genetic variants (SNPs) that are strongly correlated with disease risk and potential protective effects. Synomics Studio has demonstrated:
• stronger and faster discrimination of critical disease related SNPs than existing Genome Wide Association Study (GWAS) tools
• inclusion of genomic, phenotypic and clinical features in associations
• identification of reproducible and high penetrance (>25%) multi-feature networks
• discovery of multiple genetically distinct multi-SNP networks associated with bipolar disease risk
• functional annotation of disease related SNPs and other features using a detailed knowledge graph
In a study of a 14,777 person breast cancer population with BRCA1/2 mutations, Synomics Studio identified specific 17-SNP networks occurring in over 100 affected patients and 0 non-affected controls. The total penetrance of the multi-SNP signatures found includes over 25% of the patient population, with under 900 unique SNP-genotypes. Novel combinations of genes which potentially confer disease protective effects were also identified. Analysis and validation of the dataset took just 6 days on a single IBM Minsky server with two Power8 CPUs and four Nvidia Tesla P100 GPUs. Synomics Studio is horizontally scalable across multiple machines.
Having completed trials in 6 disease populations, a free-to-use Community Server version of Synomics Studio product will soon be available online for academic and disease charity researchers. The platform can also be deployed on-site to enable association studies on internal datasets. It can be integrated with existing genomics data platforms to provide insights for patient stratification, clinical trials design and precision medicine research with unparalleled efficiency.
“Understanding the combinatorial effect of multiple factors that drive disease processes is fundamental to better diagnosis and more personalised selection of therapies in complex diseases such as cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and CNS disorders,” said Dr Steve Gardner, CEO of RowAnalytics. “The currently available analytical tools are underpowered for the complexity of these diseases and massively expensive to run. Synomics Studio can perform these massive multi-omic analyses in much more detail, millions of times quicker.”
Webinars describing the capabilities and technology of Synomics Studio will be held on Tuesday Sep 12th at 9 AM and 4 PM BST. To participate register here:
• Sep 12th, 9 AM and 4 PM BST
For more information please see http://precision.life/synomics

About RowAnalytics Ltd.
RowAnalytics is a complex data analytics and AI company specializing in multi-dimensional and hyper-combinatorial data. Its precision.life platform powers massive disease population studies, identifying novel associations of multiple genomic, phenotypic and clinical factors with disease risk and therapy response – a radically new capability in genomic medicine. RowAnalytics’ innovative tools enable the personalization at scale required to deliver next generation precision medicine, digital health and smart IoT solutions. Headquartered in Oxford, UK, RowAnalytics was founded by a diverse team of highly experienced life science, healthcare, AI and computer science leaders.
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