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Science of Earthquakes Seismic Zones

Press Release: February 23, 2016

Science and Facts about Earthquakes, locations of seismic activities and seismic belts, in the developed and undeveloped nations.

There are seismic activities increasing in earthquakes zones in past decade whether in the same earthquakes zones or equally the same zones. Nepal earthquake has been predicted occurred with almost the same moment magnitude. However, the prediction on the exact date and time is unpredictable. The country in the same seismic zones should be able to join to build awareness for disaster mitigation and earthquake preparedness. The more cooperation among the countries the better the future will be.

Countries have been threatened by the natural disaster such as earthquake. This disaster put everyone in the countries such as families, workers and other background in danger when earthquake strike. We should gather nations to be willing to make agreement on facing a catastrophe. Big nations and small nations should care about their citizens in coping with the difficulties arise when something happen in their environment and properties.

Earthquakes zones are divided into some parts of the world. The first is pacific belt. This part is the biggest part of seismic belt which means the largest activities of earthquakes caused by the movement of the earth's lithosphere as well as the volcanoes. The zone shape the most volcanoes located on the nations around the pacific ocean.

The second part is the alpide. It is the seismic activities from Sumatra, Himalayan, europan to outer atlantic. Member of nations in this zone should be warned about the dangerous effect of such a phenomenon. Earthquakes can happen in a fault line as well as in the plate boundaries located on the earth's crust. The government should pay attention on minimize the damage arise from the earthquake.

Nation has to focus on saving its people lives and not try to improve their own lives. A lot of nations nowadays are lack of improving the conditions and situations of low income societies in the less fortune environment. Many members of nations live without the support of the government. Government should give a lot of support for people that prone to such disasters.

Big and developed nations could successfully minimize the danger and the casualties of their people such as Chile. They have been fortunate when earthquake struck in 2011. However, Haiti has been totally damaged and the casualties were very big. See earthquake zones at www.whatcausesearthquakes.com/where-do-most-earthquakes-occur.htm

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