Press Release: January 18, 2021

To promote women empowerment, Ashwin Malik Meshram Foundation, a Mumbai-based nonprofit organization conducted a Women’s Safety Training Session.
Under their continual efforts to impart self-defense and psychological tactics training to the women in Mumbai, Ashwin Malik Meshram Foundation (AMMF) conducted a Women’s Safety Training Session in Takshashila Nagar, Kurla. The training session was conducted on 11th January, 2021 alongside Ms. Vanita Waghmare, a representative of the foundation in Kurla.

The session started with a short talk by Ms. Sufia Khan who serves as the Director for Ashwin Malik Meshram Foundation. She spoke about the many potentially harmful situations that women find themselves in and how one can be brave and avoid them. Ms. Khan also urged the women to speak with their young children and let them know the difference between a good touch and a bad touch. The women were encouraged to talk about their personal experiences and share some incidents from their lives which urged them to take up self-defense training. As part of the programme, the instructors demonstrated multiple self-defense techniques and explained the mechanisms to avoid a threatening attack. The women in attendance took part in the demonstrations and enacted the moves with the guidance of the instructors. The training session was entirely conducted and sponsored by Ashwin Malik Meshram Foundation.

Mr. Kushal Bhuva, Youth President, AMMF, addressed the 200+ women in attendance and encouraged them to speak out on issues that concern women’s safety. He informed the attendees about Ashwin Malik Meshram Foundation’s grievance cell in Kurla and how it aims to help the people of the community. Mr. Meshram, Chairman of Ashwin Malik Meshram Foundation, stressed on the importance of women empowerment and encouraged every woman to take up self-defense training to protect themselves and their families.
“A progressive nation needs a strong and stable society. And a society can only be strong if the women are empowered to achieve great heights.” - Ashwin Malik Meshram, Chairman, Ashwin Malik Meshram Foundation.

Rupali Salve, an attendee of Ashwin Malik Meshram Foundation’s safety training session says, “After hearing from one of my friends, I attended the self-defense workshop conducted by AMM Foundation. The instructors demonstrated various self-defense techniques and spoke about women empowerment. I’m happy that I attended the session.”

About Ashwin Malik Meshram Foundation 
Ashwin Malik Meshram Foundation is a non-profit organization with the mission of creating a brighter future for everyone in society with a key focus in the sectors of Education, Employment, and Healthcare. At Ashwin Malik Meshram Foundation, we believe in working towards a brighter future. We work at the grassroots level to help improve educational facilities for the children and youth, assist them by facilitating job opportunities, and provide them access to quality medical treatment and facilities. We are a group of highly motivated and compassionate individuals dedicated to working towards providing the underprivileged with a chance at education, employment, and quality healthcare.

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