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Shoes as a piece of art

Press Release: July 14, 2020

Cantaloupe Studio is a premium footwear brand, and its pieces stand out for their creativity and the high quality of their products and stamping. It presents four different models of shoes: sneakers, espadrilles, sandals and mules - and already has six distinct collections, all inspired by different artistic currents: post-impressionism, surrealism, abstract expressionism and the pop-art movement.

The manufacture of all pieces is a reflection of how art, quality and sustainability can complement each other, creating unique pieces. All Cantaloupe Studio models are made with natural and recycled products, contributing to a more comfortable and breathable walking experience, and to a better world.

The brand was designed for those who wish to combine comfort, premium quality and uniqueness, and use the Cantaloupe models as a true piece of art, reflecting their personality through irreverent colors and carefully thought details. The creators of Cantaloupe Studio characterize the brand as “a brand for those who love to express themselves through the carefully thought details; for those who do not content themselves with nothing less than premium quality; for those who need comfort to keep conquering their place in this constantly moving world”.

The operation was launched on June 2020 for retail, distributors and online store with worldwide shipping.

In a world that’s always moving, do it in the comfort you deserve. In a world full of neutrals, dare to show your colours.

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