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Some Christmas Day Cheer For Cage Fighter Alex

Press Release: December 03, 2009

Following a publicly humiliating dumping on ITV, Alex the cross-dressing, cage fighter Reid is alone once more. After just 7 days in the outback, Fiesty Katie Price quit the Im A Celebrity jungle following her nomination for a fifth consecutive Bush Tucker Trial! Just when viewers thought she wasnt as hard as the media makes out, she announced live to Ant and Dec that she wants to be on her own. Devastated Alex Reid is said to have flown out to Australia to propose to Katie when she left the jungle! So, this Christmas is set to look a bit bleak for the heartbroken boxer. Here at Find Me A Gift, weve come up with a list of Christmas gifts to get him through a lonely Christmas.

Were sure there are many things a man would miss about Katie Price and her alter-ego Jordan but weve focused on her best assets. Yep, you guessed it! The ideal gift for heartbroken Alex, the Inflatable Boob Pillow is perfect for adding a little lift to unfortunate situations. Measuring approximately 21 cm x 20 cm x 4 cm, the Inflatable Boob Pillow is a handy travel sized replacement for the real thing! It even comes complete with two suckers so Alex will be able to relax on a fine rack without being arrested for doing so.

With Jordans boobs replaced, Alex can finally start thinking about himself. To pull him from the depths of despair, we thought he might enjoy a good night on the tiles! What better way is there to enjoy yourself than by dressing up as a woman? The Burlesque Novelty Apron is the perfect excuse for Alex to get all dressed up and hit the town! This novelty apron features inflatable boobs and twirling nipples tassels. Ok, we know that Alex only dresses up as a woman at home (apparently) so the Burlesque Novelty Apron is definitely the perfect gift choice for him. Itll keep him amused while he microwaves his lasagne for one!

From drawers full of lacy stockings to a sombre Christmas stocking for one, Find Me A Gift have found the perfect stocking filler for Alex Reid. To take his mind off the fact hes been made to look a mug on national television, how about the Strip Mugs Fantasy Playmates? While Alexs raunchy rendezvous with the ultimate glamour girl are long gone, it doesnt mean he cant cuddle up with another half-naked woman! As he pours himself a cup of comforting cocoa, hell be pleasantly surprised as a hot busty babe on the side of his cup decides to strip off! There are six separate girly images to choose from including girl on girl action and a bondage beauty. The mugs arent dishwasher safe so no Alex hasnt got a maid to do his washing up he will have to wash it carefully otherwise his busty babe will disappear foreverhang on is that why she left him?

Despite all of the ins and outs and the who said whats, Find Me A Gift would like to wish Alex Reid a very happy Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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