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Sustainability on the road: Your loo in remote places and on journeys

Press Release: August 21, 2020

Due to a lack of water supply, sustainability-conscious self-sufficiency, motor home owners and van enthusiasts are soon faced with the question of which toilet is the right one and which options are actually sustainable - ecological urine-diverting toilets are currently very much in vogue.   


Which toilet is suitable?  


Chemical toilets may seem practical at first glance, but due to the chemical substances used and their disposal they are real sustainability killers and therefore not recommended.


Urine-diverting toilets have the great advantage that they can do completely without water supply and partly also without electricity, which already puts them right up there on the sustainability scale. In addition, contrary to some persistent clichés, they reliably prevent the formation of odours and are only dependent on the use of litter, which is added to the leftovers, or the removal of air. The disposal of your toilet contents can also be easily integrated into a sustainable lifestyle: separately collected excrements can be used as fertilizer and composted, or disposed of in a stationary toilet. The solid waste container requires a collection bag, but this does not have to be made of plastic - they are also available in a biodegradable version. Thus, when using a urine-diverting toilet, one is able to deal with one's excretions in the most sustainable way possible.

Sustainability starts at manufacturing

When it comes to sustainability, it is always important to remember that this does not only start with the use of a sustainable product (here: a urine-diverting toilet), but already at the manufacturing stage. TROBOLO® urine-diverting toilets meet all the criteria for a sustainable use of resources. At TROBOLO® we are firmly committed to sustainable business practices and have made this our company philosophy. The raw materials for our urine-diverting toilets are produced in forests that have been awarded the FSC® seal. We treat all our employees and suppliers fairly and are led by the highest level of quality awareness in every step of work and manufacturing.

This credo enables us to offer our customers a long-lasting, sustainably and fairly produced quality product - not only for indoor and outdoor use, but from now on also for vans, mobile homes and tiny houses.



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