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Press Release: June 22, 2020

After 17 years in the business of improving customer experience with large corporate clients, a young Entrepreneur, Madelaine Cook, wanted to do things differently. In January 2020, Madelaine started her own Customer Research Agency focusing on an improved work life balance for her team and her concern for the environment. The 33-year-old is passionate about her impact on the environment and how individuals and businesses can be more sustainable, as well as how some working environments can be detrimental to employee’s mental health. After doing a lot of research, Madelaine obtained information from companies who do not have any offices, their teams work totally flexible hours and can work from anywhere at any time. She found many companies with as many as over a thousand employees with no main office space and are focused on employee wellbeing. This inspired her; she thought this way of working would help her achieve her objectives whilst at the same time building a profitable business so she can invest in future growth and provide great opportunities for like-minded-people. Madelaine was hooked on this business model. She feels that if the team are happy, and their well-being and work-life balance are taken into consideration, it would be good for her team and her clients. Not to mention the cost saving she is able to pass onto her clients. Madelaine said, “If clients understand our culture, they will very quickly see how this will benefit them by receiving a high level of customer service, which is cost effective and can create a real partnership”. Madelaine went on to say, “I want to be carbon neutral by the end of 2021. Currently, where required, our team only use hybrid vehicles for business related travel. None of our team members commute to an office, everything is electronic, which means we don’t print anything, plus many other changes we have made in our behaviour that work towards our environmental goals. We plan to be able to offset the small amount of carbon we use by the end of 2021.” Madelaine said, “Having a highly motivated happy team is important to me. In today’s business environment more is being demanded of individuals and it can become quite stressful. I am concerned about metal health issues; as a CEO I will do what I can to help in this area, starting with my own team. All of our team members work where they want, when they want, as long as we achieve our KPI’s when it comes to providing high levels of client satisfaction. They can take and collect their children to and from school, spend quality time with their families, even go to the gym during the day or work from different parts of the world. The culture of the business is about employee and client satisfaction, get that right and the rest will take care of itself. By the end of 2022, I intend to have over 50 Project Managers across two countries. It is import that I set the culture of the business early on to ensure we attract the best people, provide the best service to our clients, and provide a great working environment with the freedom and space for our team to be trusted to do a great job. It is also very important to look after our large team of field-based Mystery Shoppers. In many companies’ sub-contractors get a bad deal, I want to change this. Ideally, one day they will all be driving hybrid or electric cars. That plan will take a bit longer and is reliant of other business sectors making that possible. This is my long-term goal, but for now, I can achieve my objectives through my project management teams. Madelaine is the founder and CEO of UK based start-up ‘My View’, a Customer Research Agency providing Mystery Shopping, Customer Surveys, Customer Panels, Brand Standard Audits and ‘Customer-First’ Training. If you want to become a mystery shopper, sign-up at www.mycustomersview.com

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