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Teacher with Tourette's wins prestigious European Stigma Award

Press Release: March 12, 2021


The European Federation of Neurological Disorders (EFNA) announced today that Natalie Davidson has been selected as the winner of the Advocacy Award 2021 for patient advocate’s action against stigma.

Commended for her tremendous positivity to her advocacy work, Natalie gives great hope to others affected by Tourette’s, especially young people. She has worked tirelessly to spread awareness, reduce discrimination and raise aspirations for those with Tourette Syndrome, evidenced recently by her documentary entitled Teacher With Tourette's: Cursing In the Classroom’. By sharing her lived experience with the public , Natalie continues to break down misconceptions, demonstrating that people affected by neurological disorders are equally capable as others without such disorders. 

Pippa McClounan of Tourette’s Action said: “Natalie’s incredibly warm, engaging and honest account of coping with adult-onset Tourette Syndrome gives hope to parents that their children can grow into happy, successful adults who can embrace their individuality.”
Rob Unsworth, BBC producerfor the documentary, adds ‘Many were awed and overwhelmed by her story, while others with either the same or other conditions were hugely encouraged by her positivity. Natalie put herself – and her life – on television to break down the stigma she comes across every day – and there is no doubt that thanks to her, much progress will have been made.’

Natalie was nominated by Dr Seonaid Anderson who says “Natalie is a fantastic example of a patient advocate who has made an outstanding achievement by fighting against stigma surrounding the misunderstood condition Tourette’s Syndrome. Huge congratulations to her and all others who raise awareness and understanding.”

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