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The Advanced Skin Clinic Offers Wide Range of Basic and Advanced Skin and Beauty Treatments

Press Release: December 22, 2016

The Advanced Skin Clinic is a popular salon and beauty and skin treatment centre located in the heart of Stamford. The centre has a pool of experienced beauty professional who offers a wide range of beauty and skin treatments, which includes permanent hair removal, laser hair removal, massage Stamford, skin rejuvenation treatment, semi permanent make-up, micro pigmentation, skin tightening, Botox treatment, aromatherapy, manicures, pedicure, hair loss guidance, waxing, anti-wrinkle treatment, and so on. These services help the clients get the outcome they desire without any side effects, and also help them uplift their appearance in a natural manner.

For people looking to take Botox services, it is relieving to know that The Advanced Skin Clinic in the last five years has performed over half a million Botox treatment or in other words, non invasive procedures, which helps the clients look young and beautiful. The skin and beauty consultants at The Advanced Skin Clinic has years of experience and expansive knowledge in the subject and would help analyse your skin and situation and thereafter, suggest a treatment that would help you get the outcome you desire after thorough consultation.

The clients coming to The Advanced Skin Clinic can also get weight loss guidance and treatments to get rid of that extra fat on their body. The fat loss injections used by the clinic are known to be safe as well as effective and can help the clients lose extra pounds faster than they thought. There are also many different types of nail services offered at the clinic, which can help the clients beautify and shape their nails. It is one of the most sought after services these days, and clients can get the same at The Advanced Skin Clinic at affordable prices.


The Advanced Skin Clinic, situated in Stamford, is one of the most reputed and popular skin clinic centre in the region and is renowned for its wide range of beauty and skin treatments all over the country. The company uses the latest technology and reputed brands in its treatment, which are conducted following the safe and high standard procedures, ensuring desired results at economical prices.

Contact The Advanced Skin Clinic by calling at 01780 481155 or visit TheAdvancedSkinClinic.co.uk for more details.

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