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The Famous Chalk T-Shirts Brand - Chalkapella Australia Launched

Press Release: July 06, 2020

Chalkapella — the popular chalk t-shirts brand originating from Malaysia — has finally arrived in the land down under. Known for its innovative goal of helping people unleash their creativity without limits and boundaries, the company has recently launched its Australia branch in an attempt to bring its own brand of uniqueness to the Australian as well as the neighbouring New Zealander market.

What’s The Clamour All About

Chalk t-shirt, the company’s flagship product, offers an exciting way to express oneself and turn that plain-looking tee into a wearable and washable work of art.

The high-quality shirt — available in white and black colours and in kid and adult sizes — is equipped with a chalkboard in the front and comes with a box of smudge-proof, non-toxic chalks. The main idea is to allow customers to design and draw on their own shirt in any way they want and encourage them to be creative as much as they want.

How It Works

Chalk t-shirts are simple and intuitive to use.

Using the accompanying Chalk-a-Chalk, customers can draw their own designs on the chalkboard surface. The surface acts like an empty canvas that people can design with something as simple as a doodle or typography of an awesome quote, or something as grand as a recreation of their favorite art piece.

To preserve the quality of the shirts, they should be washed within a week after use. Take note that the drawings on the chalkboard surface should be thoroughly erased before stocking them up on the laundry basket. These shirts should be machine-washed cold, inside out, and tumble-dried low along with other laundry with dark colours. Buyers are advised to use only non-chlorine bleach. The chalkboard surface should also not be ironed.

Apart from the shirts, the brand also offers drawable tote bags and caps.

Reasons To Love Chalkapella Products

From being a homegrown brand in Malaysia, the company continues to widen its doors and establish its presence in other countries including Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Japan, and Singapore.

One of the major reasons why the brand was able to captivate people across the globe is its unconventional way of promoting creativity. Incorporating art into an everyday item like a white tee is certainly appealing — not to mention that the possibilities of showcasing one’s artistic abilities is virtually limitless.

Their products (from the popular chalk t-shirts to the totes that come in different sizes) also offer a unique way of bringing people together. Patronisers can use the time they spend — from thinking of a design that expresses themselves to the actual transformation of their ideas into tangible and wearable art pieces — to bond and learn from each other, whether the patronisers are parents who want to have fun with their kids or a team leader thinking of a new way to foster camaraderie among his or her members.

To cap it all off, the products are also all eco-friendly. People can get creative as much as they can without posing harm to the environment. How cool is that?

If you have inquiries about their offerings, visit their website at https://chalkapella.com.au or email them at info@chalkapella.com.au.

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