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The John Bartolo Show Announces New PR Manager and Agency

Press Release: February 04, 2021

The John Bartolo show signs Ace public relations and Ace Luciano as agency for advertising and promotion.

The John Bartolo show creates and maintains an ongoing conversation on the topics of personal protection, motivation, culture, and insights into what make some of the most successful people in and out of the firearms and outdoor community do the things that they do.

Streaming on multiple platforms and incorporating guests from nearly all areas of the firearm community as well as some of the biggest and most well known athletes, business people, social media icons, and politicians make the show appeal to a much broader and diverse audience than the typical “gun crowd.“

The success of the John Bartolo show can be judged by some of the brands that have already partnered with it -  Monster Energy Drinks, Laird Hamilton Super Foods, Gallow Technologies, Quest Nutrition, Volquardsen Firearms, Riton Optics, GALCO Holsters, and MORE. 

Host John Bartolo has worked in the firearms industry for over a decade as both a consultant and CEO.
Because of the long format interviews, there are many opportunities to discuss topics well beyond the scope of the "run-of-the-mill" gun blog and offers sponsors the opportunity to reach an audience well beyond the typical in the industry. Additionally, the show brings guests from multiple industries- Politics, MMA, Nutrition, Professional Athletes, Pioneers and Pillars of the business world, and more. 

With a total audience approaching 20 million+ and some of the highest average download numbers in the industry, contact Ace public relations to put your business in front of exactly the right market for your products today.

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