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“The Maria Liberati Show,” a food, culture and travel podcast launches April 15th

Press Release: June 17, 2020

(Philadelphia, PA) — Art of Living, PrimaMedia Inc. announces “The Maria Liberati Show,” hosted by Gourmand World Award-winning author/celebrity chef, former PBS TV show host Maria Liberati. The show promises to explore the intersection of where food meets art, travel and life! Mixing food with culture, art, travel and style is what Maria Liberati does best. Her blog has 300,000+ subscribers all over the world due to the popularity of her book series, The Basic Art of Italian Cooking and The Basic Art of

Each episode will not only explore topics from Maria’s blog but also include celebrity guests sharing food connections. Additional looks into the use and growth of local produce, sustainable food consumption and more will also be touched on in future episodes. The podcast will be produced by Britton Rozzelle, who produces the award-winning Stereo Confidential and Modern Vinyl podcasts (#42, Apple Podcasts, US Music Commentary All Time) among other programs.


The segments will be found at https://anchor.fm/maria-liberati to be distributed to digital podcast platforms and at www.marialiberati.com

The first episode will air on April 15th and is devoted to coffee, with influential fashion blogger Simonetta Lein joining Maria to help listeners gain a perspective on the “fashionality” of coffee and coffee bars in Italy. In addition, the show will explore poetry dedicated to coffee, drink recipes and more.

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