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The Shocking Truth: Clean Coal is Better for the Environment Than Natural Gas For Power Generation

Press Release: July 02, 2015

Environmentalists and the White House, have joined hands to suppress the use of coal, dismissing it as the biggest source of pollution. However, studies have shown how this might not be the best approach to correcting man made air borne emissions. Recent findings have proven that Natural Gas power generation produces methane and traps 34x as much heat as the CO2 produced by coal combustion. A new clean coal technology has been demonstrated to reduce CO2 by 26%.

New York, July 02, 2015 -- As this issue continues to make headlines, the fight between environmentalists and coal has suddenly reached epic proportions. With the EPA driving the “green environment” front, natural gas power production is suddenly being hailed as the hero that can save the earth from coal’s disastrous effects. But as with most new things, there are negativities that remain hidden until held up to the microscope, and it appears that the latest and newest “clean fuel” is not all that they claim it to be.

In a Cornell publication by Dr. Robert H. Howarth, research was conducted on data from a twenty year period, supplemented by previous reports from the IPCC (2011 & 2013). The paper explores the possibility that greenhouse gases from the burning of natural gases can be more harmful than those released into the environment by burning fossil fuels such as coal. Burning natural gas results in methane gas production. Methane gas can trap 34 times the amount of heat in the Earth’s atmosphere.

The paper brings to light the major flaw in the EPA government’s by-line: by portraying coal as the enemy, they are trying to push forward towards a future with potentially more Green House Gas-releasing substances such as natural gas. In terms of the planet’s health, this can have some seriously negative effects.

The study also found that natural gas power production is worse in terms of its Green House Gas footprint compared to many other fuel sources, including coal. With an estimated emission of methane ranging between 1.7% to 6%, (with a mean value of 3.8%), when natural gas is burnt, using the figures above, it can be estimated that the greenhouse gas from a heat pump generate less than half that of an in-home, all-natural gas heater. Additionally as stated previously, using natural gas also releases methane gas into the air which has been demonstrated to trap 34 times as much heat as CO2 in the Earth’s atmosphere and may well contribute more towards global warming.

The EPA’s action strategy is to regulate the use of coal, with a goal of bringing emissions from coal down to 30% of what it is at present. In doing so, it has completely blinded itself to other solutions using clean coal, as well being blinded to the negative side effects of natural gas. In reality, there are newer and better ways of tackling the problem, ways shown by innovative companies with a real and long-term commitment to tackling environment issues. Clean coal technologies are being developed and implemented around the world in an effort to revitalize the coal industry and save jobs.

Burn Less Coal, is one of those pioneers in this field to have developed a better way of dealing with environment goals. With a specialized catalyst treatment, Burn Less Coal can treat ordinary coal to produce more BTU’s, this makes for cleaner burning coal and allows less coal to be burnt to make the same amount of energy. By reducing coal consumption by as much as 20% power utility providers can pass on savings to consumers, and since it burns more efficiently, as much as 26% less CO2 and other Green House Gasses are produced, by burning the same coal.

Clean coal technologies are real and are a more efficient way to tackle the clean air problem than burning methane generating, heat trapping, natural gas.

About BurnLessCoal: A company dedicated to work with the coal industry and the environment, Burn Less Coal is the best option our Earth has for reducing Green House Gas.

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