Press Release: December 08, 2009

08.12.09 England Surnames can say a lot about a person even unintentionally. This England magazine has been exploring English surnames, as a regular feature in each issue, and has revealed some interesting and sometimes amusing results when it comes to celebrities, sports figures and politicians.

The surname Ramsay is related to the prefix hramsa, which meant Wild Garlic. Chef Gordon Ramsay has definitely shown his wild side on both sides of the pond; and garlic is one of his favourite ingredients.

Price is a name that relates to the word prize and is linked to exchanging goods for money or in Katie Prices (aka glamour model, Jordan) case, she is a money-making machine, with her books, appearances, DVDs and general media stories.

There is no surprise that the surname Robson means bright and cheerful, when the late Sir Bobby Robson was beloved on and off the football pitch.

The Rt Hon Theresa May is known for her eye-catching shoes; but her bubbly personality is perfectly matched for that exact meaning of her surname, May.

A Sumner used to be a clerk at court, who ensured that witnesses turned up. Gordon Sumner (aka Sting) used to have to do the same with his pupils when he was a schoolteacher before becoming a pop star.

Finally, if you hold the surname, Vaughan, apparently, your ancestors were on the short side. So, clearly, Radio DJ, Johnny Vaughan, has been eating his veggies. Given how tall he is, perhaps he should change his name to Talman, whose meaning does what it says on the tin.

This England editor, Stephen Garnett said, We really enjoy exploring English surnames, but its even more fun when we find out how closely they match some household names.

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