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Press Release: February 03, 2016

Fusco Browne provides the customised expert counsel for Corporates
The corporate immigration has always been the toughest of all visa categories but still remains in high demand among budding entrepreneurs and employment seekers alike.
3 February 2016, London.
A stricter interpretation of law and policy concerning migration in one economy inevitably affects the outbound migration levels in its key trading economies. In order to fight the lingering effects of the uncontrolled and unchecked migration, UK government has been seen making some stringent moves when it comes to migration laws and policies.
Companies, particularly those positioned in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) industries, academia and the entertainment sector, have been feeling the burn of the revised policies which is making it a challenge to import the talent. Further, the government changed the entitlement for intra-company transferees to settle permanently in the UK under tier 2 and introduced a salary threshold for general migrants (non-intra-company transferees) to ensure only highly remunerated employees can settle in the UK. The effect has been detrimental, according to our sources: it is now harder for UK employers to attract the best candidates to the UK, as a significant attraction is the opportunity to gain permanent residency, and eventually British citizenship. Consequently, lawyers have seen a lot of work in the tier 1 and tier 2 space. In order to secure a tension free entry to the country, it has now become necessary to take the aid of legal counsel.
Fusco Browne Immigration has evolved to be a name in the industry which is credited with providing the best expert counsel which proves elemental in easing the process. All the procedures such as the document checking, bio-metrics enrolment and the presentation of the application are included in the package. In case you have submitted a postal application to the agency that has got delayed due to some reason then you can easily move your application to the same day service with Frusco Browne. The clients are moving to the firm as the first resort when corporate visas and migration are concerned.
About Fusco Browne
Fusco Browne is a private immigration law firm based in the UK. It is a collective team of qualified and experienced UK immigration specialists. The field of law practice for the group includes immigration, asylum and visa applications. It works to offer clients feasible solutions based on its practical knowledge and expertise.
At Fusco Browne, the services are tailored to help individuals, families, and businesses with regards to their immigration issues. The track record has been consistent and services are affordably priced. The firm has a fixed free structure for all its services, with no hidden charges.
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Fusco Browne
Phone: 0114-303-2011 (Sheffield); 0203-475-7579 (London)

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