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Tracking The Void with Unisto's Self Voiding Label Seals

Press Release: April 19, 2010

New from security seal specialists Unisto, the Unisto tamper-evident labelling system provides a versatile solution for a wide range of industry applications. Offering clear evidence of unauthorised access; on removal the label shows VOID and cannot be reused.

Available in standard stock sizes, the high specification labels are affixed with special strong grip pressure-sensitive adhesive, either leaving behind a void residue or without residue according to the application requirement.

The labels can either be supplied in rolls or in a control book that can be created to your own operational requirement, with a flyleaf detailing your sealing procedure for staff reference. Seals can then be logged in the book as applied or issued, providing a comprehensive audit trail.

Labels are printed with a unique consecutive number to facilitate tracking and control and can be overprinted with company logo or supplied from stock with Unisto Logo. Seals can also be supplied with a write-on panel for signature date etc. A limited edition holographic foil version provides additional security.

Unisto Tamper Evident Labels can be used for a wide variety of security or control applications where other methods of sealing would not be possible, such as computer server or filing cabinets, vehicle doors, cartons & documents; they can also be used to control and audit health & safety or quality assurance programs.

For more information or to view the range of labels available, please visit http://www.unisto.co.uk/en/279.htm

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