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TradePlumbing suggests sensible Christmas presents that keep on giving

Press Release: December 07, 2009

TradePlumbing - Online Bathroom and Heating supplier to both the public and trade - launches their Christmas Campaign providing customers with the best money-saving plumbing and heating gift ideas and offers. The campaign is running until 31st December 2009. The campaign website address is: *Trade Plumbing Christmas*.

"When buying a gift for a loved one this Christmas in particular, we're aware that consumers are likely to be more careful about what they choose. What is needed more by your son or daughter who is living in their own home than help with the cost of maintaining their home or reducing their bills?

Isn't that a more important thing to give than spending vast amounts of money on nothing Christmas gifts, manufactured specifically to be bought as gifts in November and December, that add no real value or comfort to a persons life, probably ending up in a car boot sale the following summer?" commented Kat Pettit, Marketing Manager at TradePlumbing.

Having three aims in mind - reducing bills, being green and increasing practicality, TradePlumbing are encouraging people to repair or replace dripping taps, install water softeners to extend the life of washing machines and dishwashers and install electric showers and economical radiator valves to save on heating and water bills.

The campaign revolves around 3 types of equipment:


With the current financial climate, many household repair and improvement jobs are getting put on hold and ignored, leaving a ticking time bomb for emergency repairs, which always end up being more expensive than preventing the problem in the first place.

The most important benefits of considering such gift ideas are replacing the old equipment or adding functional equipment to your house that will make your and your family's life easier.

"Although less exciting than receiving a boxed set of DVDs of your favourite TV series, they're gifts that will keep giving for years to come - well worth it whilst everyone is tightening their belts and looking at ways to reduce their monthly costs" added Kat.

TradePlumbing is committed to providing quality knowledge for people interested in improving their homes and for plumbing and heating professionals, while continuously updating its product portfolio with stylish, high quality products, perfectly suited for every bathroom, kitchen or any other room in the house.

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