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Unitbase.co.uk now representing Land Securities for filming and photography

Press Release: February 02, 2010

Why do their locations work so well for filming? Well, besides the fact that they love having filming at their properties, their portfolio of properties covers a huge range. Unitbase.co.uk can offer an unbelievable selection of dressed, open plan, or empty offices, along with unused, modern or vacant buildings. It is not just commercial buildings that are available as great filming and photographic locations, but as a developer, Land Securities acquire great sites to be developed on. A quarry in Ebsfleet is a great example of this, acres and acres of land that can provide producers and directors from all areas of the industry with great backdrops and scenery, just the other side of the Dartford Bridge.

Unitbase.co.uk has been lucky enough to represent one of Land Securities properties, since 2005, Thomas More Square in Wapping, London. The success of filming and photography has been unparalleled. With a brilliantly versatile location and fantastic on site management and security, filming has been carried out successfully at the site for a number of years now. The types of filming at Thomas More Square outlines its versatility, with the feature film 28Weeks Later, using the site for 1 week, Block Party filming a music video on site, along with a commercials for The Sun Newspaper and TV drama Identity. All filming durations varied from half a day through to around 2 months, with every production being allowed to exhaust all the possible locations that are available to them on the site.

So, what is in the pipeline for Land Securities and Unitbase.co.uk? Well, with new British and American feature films planning to shoot in London in 2010, Unitbase.co.uk are excited about the possibilities that the Land Securities portfolio offers the film and television locations industry. We will keep you posted!

Plus, Unitbase.co.uk are always on the hunt for new and interesting locations OF ALL TYPES. So please call 020 7239 8906 or email [email protected]

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