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Vfit - The "Airbnb" of Fitness, Dance, Yoga, Meditation and Martial Arts has arrived!

Press Release: June 05, 2020

- vfit unfolds into two applications - vfit Pro and vfit Members

- All lessons are broadcast live and in video conference, in a real class context.

- Instructors from all over the world.

- Social Network - Community of Fitness, Dance, Meditation, Yoga and Martial Arts.

- Opportunity for personal trainers / instructors / teachers to offer their services remotely, enjoy extra income and have a worldwide reach.

- Initially launched in four languages (Portuguese, English, French and Spanish), available in 26 countries.

- Application available for IOS and Android.  Screen Mirroring for all devices (TV, Tablet, PC)


Lisbon, 5th June 2020 - Vfit has arrived, allowing authentic classes, with authentic people and teachers from all over the world. Attend a Yoga or Meditation class with a Teacher/Master/Buddhist who is in India or Nepal? A Samba class with a recognized teacher directly from Brazil? A class of the many that Les Mills has to offer with certified teachers from all over the world? Classes of the most varied modalities. The list of activities on offer is diverse and vfit already has the honor to offer them.


In addition to connecting people from all over the world, vfit has been designed as a way to ensure that instructors, be they Fitness, Dance, Yoga, Meditation or Martial Arts can achieve extra income and achieve a worldwide reach. Distance will not be a handicap, but rather an advantage. In turn, sportspeople will also continue to enjoy an active pace of life with a unique experience.


Raquel Rodrigues, Co-Founder of vfit, says: "The world is changing in every way and the digital will assert itself more and more. We know that the practice of physical exercise is vital for the physical and psychological well-being of the human being and with the general pandemic situation worldwide, we know that security and consciousness should come first. The widespread fear of group exercise, as well as the presence in closed spaces, will not allow the attendance in a so-called normal gym. Vfit is not being created to deal with one chapter, but to elevate the experience of sports practice to another dimension. We breathe and live of human contact and interaction, and it is this approach that we want to offer. With vfit you have the possibility to train at home, whenever and wherever you want, participating in live classes, with instructors at world or national level. Schedule of classes will be similar to the normal gymnasium format, however the list of activities will be immense and unique. The children will not be forgotten, Vfit will have an area totally dedicated to the little ones. It will be initially launched in 4 languages, Portuguese, English, French and Spanish. Vfit was created by people, and thinking about people. Created with feeling, passion and claw. We want to help create good memories and moments, help a healthier lifestyle, enter everyone's life and home, and "stay".

Social Network? Community? How?

Well, vfit will allow the Students and Teachers the possibility to create links, to "establish contact", to exchange messages and to build a community of followers. It will provide the creation of new friendships! There are so many features that vfit has to offer! These are still closed to seven keys and will be revealed as the official launch for Members - Students approaches.


The initial pre-launch phase will be entirely dedicated to Instructors (vfit Pro) and it is with great pride that we open the doors to a first phase of Applications.


The first phase of Applications for Instructors will take place until June 20th.

Who can apply? We accept applications from instructors of all modalities of Fitness, Dance, Yoga, Meditation and Martial Arts.

To do so, simply request the Instructor Access Code by submitting the form available at www.vfit.app.

Notes to editors

For more information, please contact:

Patrícia Rodrigues

Tel: 00351934179979

Email: marketing@vfit.app

Visit the newsroom of: sampr