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Why is Compression Important?/Anti-cellulite Leggings

Press Release: February 22, 2021

Not All Leggings Are the Same

Leggings are no longer just a gym wear staple. Most of us added a pair of leggings to our lockdown wardrobe. And no wonder! Properly selected leggings will not only emphasize natural contours but can suppress the symptoms of cellulite. 

The compressive qualities of the ACTIVE leggings help the lymphatic system to function properly and reduce the amount of water in your body. The consumption and excretion of water should be in balance. However, due to excessive stress, lifestyle, and hormonal changes, we often retain more water than is healthy. That can cause swelling, heavy leg feeling, and visible cellulite. 

·       Prevent water retention
·       Prevent swelling and heavy legs 
·       Prevent symptoms of cellulite 

Did you know that compression therapy has been shown to be an effective way of reducing water weight? Sufficient compression can significantly improve the functioning of the blood and lymphatic system. Thanks to its elasticity and shear, the compression material exerts pressure on the right points of your body and supports the removal of fat and harmful substances. 

ACTIVE leggings are suitable for everyday wear, travel, and sports activities. They are made of highly compressive material, which removes body moisture, suppresses the symptoms of cellulite, and optically slims your legs. 

·       Rubber waistband preventing moving or rolling
·       Non-see-through 
·       Satin pouch and wash bag included

Unlike many of the high-street alternatives, the material of the ACTIVE leggings is non-see-through and fast drying. The waistband is made of a designed rubber to avoid rolling down while moving. The ACTIVE leggings come with a cute satin pouch and a wash bag. 

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