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Why More Brits Are Playing More Board Games Now Than Pre-COVID

Press Release: April 08, 2021

A massive 94% of us played more games during COVID lockdowns than ever before according to Official Staunton Chess Company. Whatsmore, 88% of us plan to continue after lockdown is completely lifted. This comes as Boris Johnson has announced further relaxations in England as of April 12th. Although most of us are looking forward to a step towards normality, it seems like most of us are continuing with some of the positives of lockdown. 

“In 2020 to 2021, we’ve seen 68% more people playing board games and 42% playing more card games,” said Carl Miceli, director at officialstaunton.com. “With COVID lockdowns, it seems like people are turning to more traditional pastimes like chess, quizzes, and card games, which is lovely to see. The pandemic is making people realize what’s really important to them.” 

Here are 3 things we Brits did more of during COVID lockdowns:

Do More Activities With Partners
According to a survey by officialstaunton.com, 63% of Brits spend more quality time with their partner. That included trying new arts and crafts as playing games together. 

Have More Downtime
The survey by officialstaunton.com also revealed that 100% of people enjoyed more free time, spending it reading, talking to friends digitally, or playing games online. 

Watch More TV
Whether it was live TV or Netflix, 53% of us consumed more shows and films in lockdown than we did before according to a 2021 officialstaunton.com survey. 

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