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From brand mentions to interviews, features and product reviews, the right press coverage can be a powerful tool for growing your startup.

Whether you want to build authoritative links and increase your search visibility, strengthen your brand or simply raise awareness of your startup, we’re here to help. As specialists in digital PR, our experienced team can help your startup achieve its growth and marketing objectives.

We work with startups of all types in a wide range of industries, from consumer electronics and software to fintech, media and more. From discovering new PR opportunities to executing your campaign and achieving your goals, we handle every step of the startup PR process.

Interested in working together? Read on to learn more about our PR process and services for startups, or get in touch now to discuss your goals and objectives with our team.

Our Startup PR Process

As specialists in digital PR for startups, we’re here to help you achieve measurable, sustainable growth for your business. We understand how important press coverage is to the growth of your startup and the immense difference a well-placed brand mention or great backlink can make.

We offer a complete range of PR services for startups of all types and sizes. Our services are available as part of a complete PR package or on an individual basis depending on your goals and marketing objectives.

Our process starts by talking to you about your PR and marketing goals. After you contact us by email or by phone, a member of our team will talk to you about the specific business goals you’d like to achieve through digital PR.

Once we know your goals, we’ll prepare measurable, achievable goals for your campaign. Our experienced team uses a diverse range of KPIs, from brand mentions to search engine visibility, backlinks and more, to assess your campaign’s performance and results.

Next, we’ll research the most effective PR opportunities for your startup. From technology blogs to newspapers, niche publications and more, our diverse outreach network lets us find and use the most effective media outlets for your business.

Then, we’ll executive your campaign, helping you achieve everything from brand mentions and backlinks to in-depth coverage. With every step, our goal is simple: to help your startup achieve its PR, marketing and growth goals.

Real Results and Backlinks, Guaranteed

When it comes to marketing your startup, results are essential. Nothing is more frustrating than investing in public relations for your startup, only to struggle to achieve brand mentions, links or direct traffic.

Because of this, we offer a guarantee that your PR campaign will result in a set number of high quality, authoritative backlinks for your website. Learn more about our guaranteed PR coverage and how it can help your startup grow.

Contact Us to Get Started

Whether you’re preparing to launch or simply want to fuel your startup’s long-term growth, we’re here to help.

As specialists in digital PR for startups and growth-focused brands, we understand how much of a difference the right brand mentions, backlinks and press coverage can make. From consumer goods to technology, our experienced team is here to help your startup succeed.

For more information about our digital PR services for startups, to request a proposal or to get started, contact us now.

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