Bella Collina Defendants Get Another Apology from Ex-Client of Orlando Lawyer Tim McCullough

Bella Collina, FL: Troubled Orlando Lawyer Tim McCullough has had a very large dose of bad news lately. To start, according to public records, Mr. McCullough was accused recently by an ex-client for forging the ex-client’s signature on an affidavit that McCullough needed in a state case, which is related to the sham Federal case. The client refused in writing to McCullough that he would not sign the document. McCullough proceeded to forge the ex-client’s signature, then notarize the forgery. He shockingly filed this forgery in a state case without the ex-client knowing about it. Recently, this ex-client issued a startling public apology letter to individual defendants at Bella Collina stating, “certain actions taken” were possibly “not legitimate” on his behalf by McCullough.

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McCullough now faces possible felony charges in the forgery case against him by the State of Florida. McCullough will learn his fate late summer in a hearing before the judge where he submitted the falsely notarized forgeries in the related state case.

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