Book Announcement: Crime novel with a carnival flavour

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London, England: Trespassers tells of a disabled, agoraphobic architect-turned public speaker facing ruin when an adolescence crime comes back to haunt him in the run up to the Notting Hill Carnival of 1999. Delino’s debut novel, available for Kindle on, is a first of its kind work of urban literary fiction, rooted in the crime genre, that harks back to the author’s childhood roots.

“I wanted to tell a modern tale showing cultural, racial and social worlds colliding in an inner city area,” says Delino. “Setting the book in Ladbroke Grove, in the borough where I was born and went to school, seemed perfect, and growing up in a West Indian household, Notting Hill Carnival was a always a really big deal.”

Trespassers is the result of eighteen years hard work by the writer who began with just a pen, a pad and a vision. The novel has already earned rave reviews:

“Delino definitely has a gift for surprising his readers. If you like stories with surprising twists, then read this book.”
– Jessyca Garcia, Readers Favourite.

“This is one of the most intriguing and well told tales I’ve read in a long time…The plot has curves and twists that will keep you engaged while you’re reading, and panting for more when you are finished.”
– Peyton,

“I am very proud of this book,” Delino affirms. “The process has been both joyful and difficult, but one of the biggest pay offs is that whenever I walk around the area, I can really see these characters, large as life, going about their business. I’d like to think that it’s the same for other authors too.”

Saul Delino is a graduate of DeMontfort University, Leicester, and South Bank University, London, holding both a degree and a diploma in architecture. He is also the author of Writing Fiction FFWD and in 2015, set up to showcase his modern, urban short stories. He currently lives in London.

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