More Brits believe in aliens than God

More Brits believe in aliens than God, research revealed today.

A detailed study carried out among 1,500 adults and 500 kids, aged 8-12, found more than half of adults (51 per cent) believe in aliens, but only a quarter said the same of God.

The research showed that adults are in fact more likely to believe in ghosts, UFO’s and angels than God.

The poll found one in five Brits claim to have experienced the supernatural and one in ten reckon they have lived in a haunted house at some point in their lives.

And of the children polled, nearly two thirds felt aliens and ghosts existed, and half were confident that UFO’s were genuine the poll by Ripley’s Believe It or Not!, London found.

Natascha Crump, General Manager for Ripley’s Believe It or Not! London, said: ”According to the results it’s clearly not just children who have an open mind when it comes to other life forms and keeping an open mind.

”We live in the age of science and turn to it for most of our answers, but the results show that many of us still hold belief in things that might exist outside of our world and beyond our understanding.

”It’s reassuring to have the answers for many of life’s questions but the average person will always be drawn to the odd, the unexpected and to the question ‘what if?”.

Amusingly, the poll found, more than a quarter of kids (26 per cent) believe that aliens are disguised as humans and one in twenty of the kids polled think they actually know an alien.

Of those – one in twenty think their mum could be an extra-terrestrial, although the most likely suspect is their brother.

Almost half admitted they think there is a stereotype associated with aliens with 43 per cent of children reckon aliens are most likely to be green.

But it’s not just kids that have their suspicions – a third of adults polled said they have had a strange feeling about a certain building they have entered and one in five have experienced a supernatural presence in their own home the poll found.

Adults were found to be more superstitious than children – with 26 per cent of them swearing by touching wood so as not to tempt fate and refusing to ever walk underneath a ladder.

But 13 per cent of adults claim they are more scared of ghosts than their children are, whilst over half (53 per cent) said they try to hide their fear of things to prevent their children from feeling scared.

This mainly referred to being scared of spiders (47 per cent) as well as big dogs (24 per cent), heights (23 per cent) and flying (13 per cent).

Natascha Crump added: ”With Halloween coming up it’s inevitable that parents are going to be bombarded with questions about ghosts and ghouls.

”The stereotype would be of exasperated parents quashing any claims of aliens and UFO’s but this research shows this is clearly not the case.”

Our aim at Ripley’s is to really broaden the minds of children and adults alike for them to believe anything is possible.”


Ghosts (55 per cent)
Aliens (51 per cent)
UFOs (42 per cent)
Angels (27 per cent)
God (25 per cent)


Aliens (64 per cent)
Ghosts (64 per cent)
UFOs (50 per cent)
God (33 per cent)
Angels (27 per cent)

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