Criminal Richard Arrighi From Bella Collina Lies in Court Documents

Don Karl Juravin fights for the removal of felon Richard Arrighi, who targeted homeowners’ deposits in the Club at Bella Collina.

For more than a year, Don Karl Juravin has been fighting against the “scare tactics” used by Randall Greene, who was accused of engaging in fraudulent real estate transactions while representing the developer of Bella Collina, a community located an hour away from Orlando, that for 16 years has been little more than a ghost town. Randall Greene attempts to intimidate the few families that call Bella Collina home. And one of the players at the heart of this intimidation, Richard Arrighi, brings with him a history of lying in court proceedings, after committing the largest heist in Massachusetts State Treasury history.

Arrighi has made himself an “approved builder” in Bella Collina. His PHOENIX HOMES is responsible for “closing the deal” with a number of families who bought into Bella Collina, which includes signing up these homebuyers for membership in The Club at Bella Collina. These memberships included the payment of a “membership deposit” of $40,000 and $80,000. When this amount is paid, members are not told where their money is, and any inquiry about it is quickly dismissed. But once someone learns who Richard Arrighi is, it is easy to understand why the Club at Bella Collina is unwilling to supply such basic information to anyone, especially the club’s own members.

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The fact is that Arrighi, who presents himself as the de facto manager of the Club at Bella Collina, is a disbarred Massachusetts attorney, who lost his law license for his involvement in a criminal scheme that stole $9,600,000 from the Massachusetts State Treasury, the largest theft of state funds in Massachusetts history.

Arrighi pled guilty to concealing stolen property, conspiracy, and eight counts related to income tax evasion and filing false tax returns. He was sentenced to three years in prison, and ordered to pay more than $500,000 in restitution.

After his release from prison, Arrighi still owed approximately $425,000 in restitution, which he failed to pay. He was then charged with violating his probation for failure to satisfy his restitution judgment.

In response to these new charges, Arrighi asked the Massachusetts court to discharge this amount. In court filings, Arrighi claimed that he had a “0 net worth”, and could only come up with an additional $30,000 to put towards restitution, which included “borrowed money.”

But prosecutors proved that Arrighi’s submissions to the court were false, and that he had significant assets not disclosed to the court. These included a $350,000 line of credit, a $1,500,000 house in a Palm Beach Gardens gated community, and numerous late model luxury cars, including a Jaguar, a Hummer, and a BMW valued at more than $70,000.

Simply put, Arrighi lied about his ability to pay back some of the money that he stole.
When he was faced with this evidence, Arrighi suddenly became able to satisfy the judgment, and agreed to pay the $425,000 balance of his restitution judgment in less than two months.

Is it any wonder that Mr. Juravin fights to learn what has become of his $40,000 “membership deposit”? How can a man with Arrighi’s criminal history possibly be entrusted with running a purported “luxury” country club and community, where he has access to sensitive financial information of members, and a long list of potential targets for his dishonesty?

Don Karl Juravin fights for the actual and potential victims of Arrighi that live in Bella Collina. He fights to ensure that Arrighi will no longer be allowed to operate this way, completely unsupervised or not facing consequences for his actions. And to that end, he is in the process of pursuing a lawsuit in Florida circuit court. The lawsuit will seek an accounting of the “membership deposits” and club dues for each of the 800 lots in Bella Collina, and for money damages stemming from Arrighi’s immoral and illegal activities. Don Karl Juravin is dedicated to taking his lawsuit all the way, and doing whatever is necessary, to secure justice for his family, as well as all the other property owners in Bella Collina.

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