Dinner Lady’s social media followers choose vape company’s strategic direction

The team at Dinner lady HQ are releasing a new exciting range of e-liquids this summer and it would seem that they had an equally exciting and unique way of coming up with their new ‘Summer Holiday’ line.

The new refreshing flavours were based on and developed from suggestions of the thousands of fans of the Dinner Lady brand who were looking for something refreshing for those scorching summer months. Following on from their amazing successes at both UK and Global expos, the team have continued to build a huge following for the multiple award winning dessert and tobacco ranges and were looking to add another range to their growing vape family.

With an ever expanding fan base of 70,000 fans on social media the team at Dinner Lady HQ decided that the fans should get a say in what was released next and an online survey was posted to find out just what they wanted. A spokesperson from Dinner Lady Fam UK said;

‘We have always catered for our customers and had their satisfaction at the foundation of everything we do. The response to our other ranges has been overwhelming, so we decided to take a survey to make sure that the fans were getting what they really wanted. There were so many requests that came in for a fruity range with a hint of ice to cool things down on hot summer days and we couldn’t wait to make that a reality. We set to work on it straight away and we’ve come up with a range of flavours that we know the fans will love and cheer up the nation with these fun and colourful flavours’

With multiple awards already under their aprons, this growing force in the vape community appears to be unstoppable and the innovative way that the team include the fan’s ideas in the development of new flavours is certainly one that is sure to be a successful partnership, that can only be a match made in heaven. For this company, the customer isn’t just always right; they’re part of the team.

The new Summer Holiday range of liquids will be available from mid-July so you have plenty of time to get it on your shelves. With the summer being a super scorcher you can be sure that they won’t be there for long.

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