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Don Karl Juravin loses court battle to Bella Collina over slanderous online postings
March 9, 2018

Orlando, Fl : In another bizarre twist of events for embattled online promoter and self professed “ #1 Weight Loss Guru in the U.S.” Don Karl Juravin, the Lake County Florida Circuit Court with Judge Richard Singletary presiding, have slapped an injunction against Juravin in favor of Bella Collina. The injunction was signed on February 28th against defendant Don K Juravin a/k/a Adi D. Juravin for posting slanderous, malicious and defamatory online reviews and the creation of defamatory websites about Bella Collina and it’s owners. Mr. Juravin is currently a resident at the upscale Bella Collina country club community west of downtown Orlando.

The injunction goes on to state that the evidence presented by the plaintiffs clearly shows that Juravin “intentionally and unjustifiably targeted plaintiffs and plaintiff’s business relationships” in addition to potential home buyers through various Juravin created websites and social media outlets like Facebook and It goes on to state that Juravin was also directly harassing individuals and businesses online who do business with Bella Collina and it’s owners not just on a local basis, but on a national level. Major companies like Marriott International and The Walt Disney Company were among the businesses that were targeted according to the complaint.

The court further ruled that because of Juravin’s unjust interference and online harassment of DCS Real Estate Investments, The Club at Bella Collina, it’s owners and others, that they are fully entitled to an injunction against Juravin. The judge further ruled that “Juravin, Juravin’s officers, agents, servants, employees, and attorneys and those persons in active concert or participation with them” are enjoined from maintaining, hosting or creating new online content and must remove existing content. This order is clear that it covers everything from websites, reviews, to direct online social media harassment. It further goes on to state that Juravin must immediately cease and desist from all slanderous and defamatory claims of the plaintiffs being involved with the “mafia” among other things.

Prior to the February 28th order against him, Juravin on February 9th, strangely created press releases and posted on various websites that he was victorious in this case against Bella Collina in what he referred to as an attempt by Bella Collina to obtain a “gag order” against him for his online antics. He oddly stated in the press release that the Court agreed with his position that it was his First Amendment right to create these postings to harass individuals, potential home buyers, and businesses who who had an existing or potential business relationship with Bella Collina as a supposed “warning” to them.

Obviously, Juravin’s interpretation of this amendment could not have been more off base as defamation, slander and tortious interference are not protected in the U.S. Constitution.

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