Effective and 100% natural bee based supplements for dog’s common health issues

It is well known that people are using bee products (honey, propolis, pollen, royal jelly) for centuries, but for dogs this was not the case. After many years of researches, company Hedera from Croatia, developed a unique product line for dogs called Apipet .   Apipet are 100% natural supplements based on bee products; propolis and bee pollen. What is so special about Apipet?

Apipet are the only bee products in the world produced on completely natural and holistic principle. The products are the result of years of research on the impact of bee products on health. Uniqueness of Apipet is that every product is made completely without any chemical method (extraction, synthesis, dissolving in alcohol, etc.), any additives (flavours, colors, bulking or anti caking agents.), which are commonly used in production of supplements.
This principle allows preservation of propolis and bee pollen in its original form which gives them maximum efficacy in dog’s body. It is important to mention that propolis is extremely valuable source for health and in the nature (in the beehives) is in a solid form. It is a complex resin which contains more than 300 different compounds. Many of them, alone or in combination have positive impact on different health issues. Dissolving (using chemical methods) propolis, more than 30% of substances are inevitably lost. The bees are using propolis as a natural antiseptic and antibiotic which secures health for every bee in the beehive, especially young and old ones.

Different tests have shown that propolis produced by Hedera’s method has very strong antioxidant, antibiotic and anti-tumor potential.
On the other hand bee pollen (Cistus sp.) that Hedera uses is harvested on the environmentally clean Adriatic islands, full of herbs with essential oils. Results have shown that Hedera’s bee pollen contains high amount of natural vitamins and minerals along with bioflavonoids. That mixture gives very strong antioxidative potential of bee pollen important for strengthening and better function of immune system.  Combination of propolis and pollen is in every Apipet product and makes the basis of therapeutic action.

Apipet line is made of five products intended for special purposes and different body system in dogs: immunity, digestion, skin and hair, cartilage and joints, strength and vitality.
Each product has an additional ingredient that boosts targeted effect.
1. Apipet Immuno (propolis, pollen): prevention of the disease and strengthening of the generally immunity in the situation where disease already exists (infection, period after castration, recovery phase after illnesses)
2. Apipet Gastro (propolis, pollen, ginger): occasional or frequent problems with digestion (gastritis, indigestion, vomiting, diarrhoea, flatulence, cramps, constipation, colitis, digestive problems due to changes in food)
3. Apipet Skin (propolis, pollen, biotin): occasional or frequent problems with skin or hair (allergies, skin problems, hair loss, scratches, itching).
4. Apipet Flexi (propolis, pollen, glucosamine, chondroitine): prevention of degeneration of cartilage, providing better joint motility (older dogs, rapid growth of young dogs of large breeds, large load joints in working dogs, dogs with bone problems).
5. Apipet Senior (propolis, pollen, green tea): recommended for older dogs (increases strength and energy due to chronic illnesses and ailments associated with aging, facilitate digestion and improve of appetite).
Apipet products are safe and easy for using. To date, no adverse effects have been reported nor are expected at the recommended doses due to the natural form of bee and plant substances obtained without chemical treatment.
Apipet believes that biodiversity and the balance can be maintained only if the end product contains all natural ingredients. Nature has created all the ingredients or a reason. Apipet, just like a nature, always takes a holistic approach.


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