Gastric Bypass Alternative/Juravin Defrauded Consumers More Than $26 Million, FTC Seeks Restitution

Tampa: With a single pen stroke, Federal District Judge Mary S. Scriven handed the notorious Orlando based internet con man Don Karl Juravin also known as Adi Jorbin a financially crippling order siding with the FTC on virtually all counts of the complaint that was brought against him personally for defrauding consumers of more than $26 million dollars. In that stunning order, she noted that Juravin personally operated and controlled one hundred percent of the companies, and further went on to say that Juravin was personally responsible for all the false advertising, as well as misleading consumers by creating fake review sites populated with pictures of alleged “medical professionals.” These “medical professionals”, sang the praises of his snake oil styled Gastric Bypass Alternative products. Juravin claimed his products were backed up by real medical studies, however, it was discovered that the “scientific” study presented was in fact, authored by Juravin himself. Juravin admitted, in testimony, that he has no medical training. Further, the FTC proved that his product was nothing more than industrial grade food thickening agents and common dietary fibers. Juravin shamefully admitted in sworn testimony, that he had to “trick” his “fat” consumers into buying the product that was basically nothing more than a placebo.


Originally, Juravin caught the attention of the FTC for his use of what was later to be determined, “illegal gag clauses” in his sales contracts. When consumers began realizing that the products they bought did not work after the purchase, Juravin would charge them $3500.00, and sue them if they posted a negative review online. After the Federal complaint was filed, the FTC Investigators started learning how deep the acts of fraud were, and the judge immediately ordered a comprehensive asset freeze on Juravin. Throughout this case, Juravin has been caught numerous times trying to evade the order by hiding bank accounts and secretly trying to sell assets. The FTC is now tracking those assets to provide restitution to defrauded consumers.

Once the FTC has filed a final amount to which the court deems Juravin liable, (probably within the next 45 days) the FTC will then aggressively pursue Juravin for restitution.

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