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An author, poet spoken word artist, songwriter, founder of Talented Showcase 1 and ambassador for Elite Fitness Apparel. Her song titles include Every Kind of Beautiful, Have Hope, Pour on Us A Blessing, Set to Rise, The Truth That I Love You,The Voice of God, and Time to Soar. Her songs have been performed by artists in the UK and the USA. Set to Rise is a track featured and recorded by Daddy ESS of Broken Wings Recordings.

Her current titles include The Ever-Changing Dream, The Enchanted Door, Getting Kids Active, By His Grace, Employable & Useful and more.

Geraldine has created an online platform, namely Talented Showcase 1 which features emerging artists in the talent industry.

Her regular blogs that feature her latest creative works including songwriting, poetry, book excerpts, artist interviews and more can be viewed online.

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This year will be the debut of her fantasy fiction novel entitled ‘The Ever Changing Dream’ which is being published by a mainstream publisher. This intriguing read
explores the journey of a young boy accompanied by a mysterious fellow,
namely Glad, who allows him to explore the fascinating journey of a young school aged boy, namely Jesse. This particular title falls into the children’s literature category yet could be deemed as both accessible and appealing to adults.

The main character, who attends a state academy, hails from a humble, working-class background, in which he is all too aware of apparent socio-economic divides. On a number of occasions he has experienced financial limitations. As further chapters unfold a range of modern day realities are highlighted:

Bullying; Healthy eating; Family dynamics; Work/life balance; Assertiveness; Working in education; Heroism; Popularity; Role models; Self-confidence; Competitiveness; Accountability; Academic achievement; Employment options; Cliques/peer groups; Morality

The aforementioned aspects are duly relatable, insofar that they are each identifiable with a range of audiences. There are notable aspects pertaining to the noteworthy characters, including Jesse’s vulnerability, Elizabeth’s popularity, Toby’s dominance, Suzie’s light-heartedness, as well as Jimmy’s aloofness. Furthermore the novel illustrates the family dynamics within the Jobson household, that were to evolve over time. Within the earlier chapters Jesse feels barely able to relate to his ‘workaholic’ father who was both busy and distant. At this time his mother’s nurturing character afforded him some degree of stability.

Whilst seeking to resolve such aspects within the land of dreams, Jesse soon found his father demonstrating a higher degree of openness and warmth. His father, Jimmy had come to the acute realisation that he had his existing priorities misplaced and sought to address the issue.

A more balanced home life began to positively impact his school experience, although he still had further issues to contend with amongst his rivals and contemporaries.

Within the later chapters, memorable events unfold including sports day, a school trip to the nature reserve, as well as family trips. Such experiences presented Jesse with some degree of challenge, whereby he was able to overcome with triumph. By the time his family had resumed their family trips of days gone by; they were able to reconnect, with re-established rapport.

Throughout the plot Jesse is accompanied by a mythological character, namely Glad, who allows him to explore further possibilities beyond the proximity of his comfort zone. The plot within the land of dreams includes inanimate objects, assuming human characteristics, including sliding bananas, self-writing maker pens and a dancing tree. Such creative scenes nurture creativity and capture the essence of literary liberation.

Aspects of the current school system are featured in parts of the book, including the roles, responsibilities and demands of individual teachers, the resourcefulness of teaching assistants, as well as the reality of school inspections. Furthermore the consideration of family structures in relation to social norms is implied within the plot, for example when a particular pupil’s questions Miss Tiny’s unmarried status, whilst simultaneously crossing personal boundaries.

The Ever-Changing Dream in essence is inspiring, particularly for young impressionable minds, whereby humour, irony, pun and rhyme are creatively included to harness imagination. The book has a wide range if vocabulary weaved into the plot, encouraging readers to flourish intellectually. Such a title aims to encourage general readership, reading for pleasure as well as enhancing the peer perspectives of the reader.

This awe-inspiring read has an air of appeal in which the main character Jesse, who was underestimated and considered a work in progress, overcame his challenges. His former experience had once revolved around a mental preoccupation with daily conflicts and trials. Over time he was able to shift his perspective, as he circumnavigated the land of dreams. He triumphed over his rivals, including the main ringleader Toby, who although presented a tough exterior, actually concealed his vulnerability.

(Excerpt from The Ever-Changing Dream)


Stand and behold things are not as they seem

As you enter the world of the ever-changing dream

Tales ever captured, summoned to be told

Lessons to be learned, mysteries unfold

A meeting of the mind, sail upon the shore

A journey to be ventured, ever filled with awe

Puzzles of amazement, one shall so discern

Rise above the fear and so you may return

Chapter One

Jesse Jobson peered out his bedroom window, gazing into the distance, yet entranced in a field of dreams. The night had worn on, but the still of the night had not kept him from seeking, nor staring, nor searching…….for that solution.

‘Tap, tap, tap’, there were three familiar knocks at his door.

“Jesse, I trust that one is sleeping, for there is school in the morning.” A gentle reminder of the day ahead from his endearing and ever-enthusiastic mother Suzie. On the contrary, his father Jimmy was of the more laidback kind, yet stern with respect to his dealings of daily life.

Somewhat timid in nature, Jesse’s days in the midst of parental guidance, were often spent either trying to please or trying to prove accomplishment. Yet in the face of daily trials and personal challenges, his journey was soon to be accompanied with valued assistance by an unfamiliar fellow.

With a new day begun, came the rising of the sun, yet Jesse lay heavy asleep. ‘Tap, tap, tap’, there were the knocks at the door.

“Jesse, I trust that you’ve showered and brushed your teeth, your breakfast awaits you at the table.”

“Hmmm, hmmm,” mumbled Jesse, still half in a daze.

“I’ll be down in a minute.”

The clock hand had turned another quarter, but there was still no sign of Jesse. He had continued to lie under his duvet, in waiting for but a dreaded time. For Jesse the school day ahead meant on-going trials with unfamiliar rivals, who sought to spoil the experiences of anyone they regarded as inferior. The majority of his classmates were of the friendly kind, yet there were also the few whose aim it was to disturb the peace of the day. Jesse was therefore in no hurry to vacate his haven and begin his journey to the school gates on time.

On this occasion there was to be no more friendly taps at the door, only amplified rage in order to hurry Jesse along. “Jesse Jobson, for the last time, GET A MOVE ON OR YOU’RE GOING TO BE LATE!!!” Jesse jumped to attention at once, making a desperate dash to the bathroom to carry out a very rushed routine. The moments that followed saw Jesse scurrying down the stairway like a one-armed bandit, with one sleeve hanging loose, toast at the teeth and his tie stuffed into his trouser pocket. In all manner of disarray he followed his mother to the car, who was anxious to get going, as tardiness was not her forte.

Suzie’s royal red car was in need of repair, although several scratches later, she still deemed it to be ready and reliant. She was always fond of her ready Rebecca, but to Jesse he felt continued bouts of shame whenever he was seen by his peers in his mother’s beloved rusty car. ‘Cluck, cluck, cluck’ came the sound of the exhaust as they pulled up outside the pearly purple gates of Rodrum Academy. Jesse quickly ducked his head as he caught sight of Toby who was the ringleader of the Uptown Boys. Luckily for Jesse, he sat unnoticed by his dreaded rival.

“Okay Jesse, quick kiss on the cheek now, time for school. Aah, don’t forget later, you’re walking back home, part of your exercise routine okay.”

With Jesse now in the building and his classmates in full glare, it was now time for him to face the music. Fortunately, it was Tuesday and his first lesson of the day was music, with his favourite teacher Mr Dunsall……

We look forward to The Ever-Changing Dream in bookstore worldwide.

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