Octane, MCS and Greenhous collaborate on customised Fuel Management System

PEIMF member Octane Holding Group Ltd, has recently completed a collaboration with their software partner MCS and leading car dealers Greenhous on the implementation of a new fuel management system.

Bradford, UK (26th July, 2017) – Greenhous, one of the UK’s leading independent automobile suppliers have invested in turning former RAF base High Ercall in Shropshire into a Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI) site.

This PDI creates a hub for deliveries of new retail and fleet vehicles from suppliers, which can then be distributed to sites across the UK.

Octane played a major role in the process of bringing the fuel distribution infrastructure on the PDI site up to Greenhous’ requirements, installing a 5,000 litre petrol tank alongside a 15,000 litre diesel tank.

The new fuel systems used on the site have many advantages. In the past, drivers needed to estimate how much fuel would be required to deliver the vehicles to their distribution points across the UK. Any inaccuracies were costly, either requiring additional fuel purchases or essentially giving away the excess fuel with the cars at journey’s end.

Kevin Swinnerton is the Greenhous Fleet Operations Manager. He outlined the ideal solution and worked with Octane to bring it to life.

“We challenged our software development team and Octane to come up with a solution that would link with our system of logging all movements of, and actions on, each of our vehicles so that we have an accurate and live feed of data of any vehicle on our site”.

As a result of the new solution drivers no longer have to guess the fuel requirements for deliveries. Now, as each vehicle enters the PDI, it is issued with an NFC tag on the ignition key. This tag contains data about the vehicle, from chassis number to any actions carried out to or with the vehicle.

The system can now be programmed to calculate the precise fuel needs of the journey, leading to automatic and accurate fuel dispensing on site.

Richard Sykes, a Director at Octane was pleased with the outcome of the partnership. He said:

“We pride ourselves that we fulfil what we have agreed to do and work within a set budget. Greenhous were delighted with our approach…”

By working with Octane and their software partner MCS, Greenhous has been able to significantly reduce costs and improve fuel related efficiencies. Greenhous, who work with diverse brands such as Nissan, Renault, Ford and VW Commercial have gained a competitive advantage thanks to the new more efficient fuel delivery systems.

For more information on custom fuel management solutions or tank installations, call Richard or Tom at Octane, alternatively  visit:  www.octane.uk.com

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