Philosopher,Singer And Educator Renata Leuffen Advocates To Humanize And Modernize Society

Renata Leuffen Believes That The Renewal Of Our Education System,Governments,Corporations And Individuals Is Mandatory For The Survival Of Humanity Renata Leuffen is adamant to transform our planet and believes that the reform of inhumane and outdated structures in our education system,governments and corporations is not an option but mandatory to ensure that humanity will survive on this planet and in this universe.


“I have a vision of a happy and enlightened humanity on this planet”, says Leuffen who lives in the Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham in West London.She is the CEO and Founder of two companies that she founded recently in 2013 and 2014 to devise solutions for the problems of society and to execute and implement social change. The first company that the Who’s Who listed Philosopher founded is Renata Leuffen Corporation which focuses on the Renewal of our Education System, Governments, Corporations and Individuals and the Transformation of Cities and Nations


Renata Leuffen Corporation produces videos with talks and teachings about current social issues like justice, love,happiness,relationships,world peace,depression, suicide,the death of loved ones,emotional and mental problems,eternal life,social issues and social change and progress.The extensive and growing video programme includes also Leuffen’s beautiful dances and her unusual and unique music. Examples are the “Scottish Bagpipe Dance” song


“Today I Will Have Tea With The Queen” .


Channel on YouTube  . The videos provide hours of inspiration and entertainment.

Renata Leuffen is also present on Twitter and her songs are available for free listening


She started to sing for the public in March 2014 and has already released 4 albums which are available on iTunes,Amazon and all other stores. The names of the albums are “I Grow Love”,”It Is Time To Make Love”,”Happy Because You Love Me Too Much” and “Our Love Is Sacred”. Her songs have a growing audience in the UK and US and are played by many radio stations.


Leuffen has currently also over 100 photos for her fans on Pinterest .Renata Leuffen’s books are available on Amazon and in every bookstore worldwide.


The second company,the London Youth Express  works to set our young people free and to empower them to express themselves. Leuffen has a heart for children and plans to transform London into a safe and youth friendly city and wants to establish a huge and unique Youth Centre with a broad programme of entertainment, education,training, counselling and healing. “I believe that we must heal as a society and as individuals”,says Leuffen. She is adamant to eradicate poverty,homelessnes,drugs and crime among the youth.The London Youth Express has been invited to be present for the first time at this year’s TEDEx Teen Event in London on the 11th October and Leuffen plans to be among the TED Speakers from 2015 onwards.

The London Youth Express produces many videos about acute issues that concern the youth,parents,educators and policy makers such as youth prostitution,youth alcoholism,youth pregnancies and the lowering of the voting age.The London Youth Express YouTube Video Channel runs currently an inspiring video series for the Renewal Of The Education System and The New Curriculum on YouTube which features interesting topics like how we can eradicate fear out of the education system,how we can humanize and modernize schooling and our schools and how we can provide our children with a vision for their life and future.Leuffen publishes some of her articles on education on the global online educator community portal ”I want to see happy children on our streets who enjoy their childhood and who grow into happy adults”,says Leuffen who believes wholeheartedly that people can change.”I want to create an education system that helps every child to find his or her destiny and purpose in life and to become a productive member of society and live a happy,prosperous and fulfilled life.I want to raise a new generation that stands for justice,love,peace and freedom.We must invest heavily into our children and we need a new curriculum that teaches them the life skills that they need to be successful.”Leuffen believes that we must change how we raise our children and that we have to create new positive ways which fulfill the real needs of our children. Renata Leuffen is working on new ideas and concepts to advance society and to prepare humanity for the space age that we have already entered.”Humanity cannot survive and fulfill its destiny on this planet and in this universe with the outdated and inefficient social structures that are currently in place”,says Leuffen.”We have to build a new society in which people are emotionally and mentally liberated and do not replicate the limited lives and generational problems of their parents”,says Leuffen.”We cannot afford that another generation walks around in the familiar circles of failure,poverty,depression, hopelessnes and resignation.We have to become a healed,productive and restored humanity that embraces world peace and humaneness and we have to put all our differences aside and work together.”


Renata Leuffen is available for radio,TV,print and online newspaper and magazine interviews.She gives all radio stations permission to play all her songs free of charge.All media representatives can use freely use Leuffen’s photos on Pinterest and use and distribute all her videos as desired.

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