Restaurant’s own app is the best tool to build customer loyalty reveals a study by Judo Payments

Online restaurant directories are great for helping new customers discover your restaurant, but to maintain ownership of customers’ loyalty, an app is the answer. From a research commissioned by Judo Payments:

• 71% of UK consumers are more likely to return to a restaurant if it offers a loyalty scheme
• 65% of them would download a restaurant’s app to access offers and deals
• 80% would return to a restaurant to benefit from in-app loyalty schemes

To promote the benefit of owning an app and its services, judo is giving away a fully branded app worth up to £30,000 and one year of free card processing worth up to £100,000 to one lucky restaurant.

15th September 2014

LONDON, UK – Judo Payments, UK’s leading provider of simple, easier, and more secure payment solutions for mobile, have today announced that they will be giving away a free app (worth up to £30,000) and one year of free card processing (or £100,000, depending on which occurs first) to a lucky restaurant.

Research commissioned by judo1 reveals that UK consumers are frequently using their mobile devices to order meals through restaurants directories like Just Eat. The research survey reveals that:

– 26% of mobile users use directory apps to find new places to eat locally

– 21% when away from their home town

– Whilst 30% use these directories because of their convenience

Commenting on the research, Dennis Jones, CEO of judo, said: “Services like Just Eat are pushing the food industry to mobile. They’re helping restaurants everywhere to be discovered by new customers every day.”

A restaurant listing on Just Eat is great for letting new customers find you, but what about keeping them coming back? Services like Just Eat let a restaurant be discovered, but the customer loyalty belongs to Just Eat, not the restaurant. Jones added “A competitive restaurant needs to offer the convenience of an online directory whilst maintaining ownership of their customer relationship.
A bespoke mobile app for a restaurant achieves this. It makes it easy for customers to find you, order and pay, whilst allowing the restaurant owner to retain customers through loyalty schemes and offers.”

Judo’s research reveals that 71% of UK consumers are more likely to return to a restaurant, bar or café if it offers special deals and loyalty schemes. 65% of respondents said they would download an app to access offers and deals. Whilst 80% of respondents confirmed that they would return to a restaurant to benefit from in-app loyalty schemes.

To promote the benefit of owning an app and its services, judo is giving away an app worth up to £30,000 with one year or £100,000 of free card processing. With the cost for the first year being zero, the winning restaurant will see a high return of investment on this channel.

Restaurant owners who are interested in participating in this giveaway can visit before the giveaway closes on 15th October 2014. Please contact for any enquiries.

Demand for judo’s service is rising rapidly as mobile commerce becomes a crucial part of any restaurant’s business strategy. judo’s recent client wins range from innovative start-ups to established companies who are witnessing first-hand the massive customer shift from desk top to mobile.

judo recently worked alongside UK coffee chain Harris + Hoole to include payments in the latest version of its mobile app, which offers customers a fast and simplified approach to order and pay through their mobile phones. judo is also developing mobile apps for several other high street restaurant brands that are trying to build loyalty through offers and convenient checkout experiences.

Consumer Intelligence interviewed a UK nationally representative sample of 2,003 people, between 28th August 2014 and 2nd September 2014

About judo payments:

London based Judo Payments is the UK’s leading provider of simple, easier and more secure payment solution for mobile first. Our platform is built for the speed of mobile, which allows for faster transactions and higher conversion rates. judo combines technology with design to deliver an end-to-end payments experience to thousands of customers. Learn more or get started at .


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