SKIERS are sending their equipment and luggage ahead as strict baggage policies mean skis and snowboard equipment could face delays this season.

Flights to ski hotspots in Europe, the USA and Canada are already running at full capacity, and with many people taking their own equipment, hold space for luggage is at a premium. Plus, European no frills carriers are increasingly enforcing their excess baggage policies meaning that passengers face paying £20 per kilo over each way.

Luggage forwarding company Luggage Mule is preparing for a busy winter season with bookings from skiers already 38% up on this time last year following disappointing luggage delays last season.

Managing director Jordan Makin said: “During the ski season, hold space on flights quickly fill up, meaning that often luggage doesn’t arrive with you. We guarantee that your luggage and equipment will arrive in resort the day before you, so you know it’s waiting for you in resort before you’ve even left the UK.

“This means not only can you relax with this peace of mid, but you don’t need to carry your bulky equipment and luggage through two airports and onto the transfer to the ski resort. For most of our customers, this alone is a great convenience.”

Luggage Mule sends bags and ski equipment ahead via their global courier network meaning travellers do not need to carry or check in their bags as they’re sent straight to their holiday accommodation.
Prices to send a 20kg suitcase to France starts from £59.99 for a return service to the UK, and from £77.99 for a return service for skis. Prices for the USA and Canada start from £99 each way for a 20kg suitcase plus skis.

Makin added: “Sending your luggage ahead takes a little more planning than travelling with it, but our on time delivery success rate is 98.9%, higher than any airline. For families with a lot of luggage, this service is a godsend as it means they can travel with hand luggage only and get through airports at both ends quickly, meaning they can be on the slopes in record time.”

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