The Tasks Module for Digital Agencies and DIY SEOers Just Released by WebCEO

webceo-task-manager-650-775“Tasks,” a powerful feature anticipated by Digital Agencies, SEO freelancers and do-it-yourself SEO practitioners, was released by WebCEO on December 6th, 2016.

Web CEO Ltd., a leading UK-based SEO software vendor founded in 2001, is still blazing trails in SEO software with the WebCEO Search Engine Optimization platform. The new Tasks module anticipated by more than 10,000 active digital agencies, SEO freelancers and do-it-yourself SEO practitioners, was released on December 6th, 2016.

As an SEO collaboration space, WebCEO has become famous because of its ability to let multiple users work simultaneously on digital marketing projects, often from inside their own domain (website). This new task management module will allow a group to actually dole out tasks to each other and keep track of various deadlines. Collaborators will work on 15 master SEO tools including Keyword Research, Rank Tracking, a Technical Audit, an HTML Audit, Landing Page Analysis, Internal Link Optimization, a Backlink Quality Check, the Competitor Backlink Spy, Content Submission, Web Analytics, Social Media Metrics, etc.

“It’s not just another task manager or a calendar like those you are familiar with,” says Viktor Tatarov, CEO and founder of Web CEO Ltd. “It’s a feature-rich customizable infrastructure for SEO Agencies and SEO practitioners to help them promote multiple projects, apply different kinds of website promotion plans to customers’ websites, distribute the tasks among team members evenly and never break deadlines.”

The functionality of the Tasks module was developed as a result of multiple suggestions from WebCEO’s largest customers who are always the first in requesting new features and sending detailed constructive feedback upon their implementation.

With the new Tasks module, each SEO Team member can now log into a comprehensive dashboard where they can see the scope of tasks delegated to them, SEO progress indicators, overdue tasks, details on each task and direct links to the corresponding SEO tools required to complete this or that task.

SEO team leaders will enjoy the broad functionality in the Tasks module: they have full power to configure roles for each team member, set and update tasks and choose promotion plans for each promoted website from a variety of templates. They can also track the progress of their SEO team’s activities and generate professional-looking SEO progress reports branded with their logo and style. Team leaders can even schedule report emailing to their customers in order to inform them on work progress and achieved results.

Within the first week after the Tasks module release, the WebCEO Team received favorable feedback from their largest SEO Agency users and garnered a number of worthwhile suggestions to make the Tasks module even more flexible, intelligent and scalable.

The other advanced features of WebCEO, often used by SEO Agencies and SEO consultants, include:
White-Label SEO tools on a customer’s domain;
Branded SEO reports that can be scanned, emailed and published on a schedule;
SEO Lead Generation module (buttons for an agency’s website offering free SEO audits to visitors);
Wiki translation of SEO reports, which has progressed to 140+ languages;
Journal of Events;
Email Alerts.

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About the Web CEO Ltd. Company
Web CEO Limited was founded in 1992 as Radiocom and changed its name in 2000 shortly before becoming an international leader in SEO software development. The company released its desktop SEO software in 2001; ten years later, in early 2011, Web CEO Ltd. released a cloud-based SEO Platform, WebCEO Search Engine Optimization tools. WebCEO is now most famous for providing a 15-tool platform for agencies to “host” on a white-label domains. Another big leap was made in 2015 when WebCEO released an SEO Lead Generation button for digital agencies to use on their websites which offers their visitors a free SEO audit.

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