Variety Splash Help The Entertainment Industry For Emerging Creatives

Variety Splash is an online platform based in the UK that showcases emerging talent from the entertainment industry, they specialise with five entertainment categories which are music, poetry, magic, dance and comedy.

They have gained a tremendous attraction this year especially on Instagram, for promoting the emerging talent on their social media platforms to pushing their music artist into DJ Target, Charlie Sloth and Snoop Dogg’s Instagram lives during the full lock down. They have also helped the creatives with advice, studio, bookings and been given industry contacts to help build the portfolio of their journey to success.

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Respect, Love and Peace to @kevonstage each and every time. Although he's already blown, seriously people if you are into Comedy you'll love his content. Give him a follow, you won't regret it. It's all about networking, working consistently & supporting one another. Team work makes the dream work. . . . #varietysplash #kevonstage #comedy #comedians #shoutout #shoutoutforshoutout #networking #supporteachother #teamworkmakesthedreamwork #teamwork #showcasingcreativity #creative #creativity #musicians #rappers #singers #music #dancers #magicians #poets #spokenword #poetry #stayconsistent #supportoneanother #bloggers #entertainment #talent #talented #musicartist #advertising

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The difference between Variety Splash and other platforms is that they are their for their creatives no matter the age, country or genre as they have worked with creatives from the UK, USA, Ireland, United Arab Emirates, and Spain. They have built such a nice solid community of people supporting one another, which has led creatives supporting each other in shows, making joint mixtapes, skits together and also many becoming friends.

They are making such a big name in the industry that celebrity Kevin Fredricks aka Kev on stage shouted out the company.
Variety Splash just keeps progressing and definitely won’t be letting the pandemic get in the way of continuing to help the emerging talent in the entertainment industry.

To keep up with the latest with what they’re doing follow them on instagram @varietysplash

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