Women would rather dump their other half than bin their jeans

One in 20 women would rather get rid of their other half than their favourite pair of jeans, it emerged today.

A study carried out among 1,077 women also found the average female has ten pairs of jeans in her wardrobe and only washes her most beloved pair every three to six months.

The research, carried out by home appliance giant Grundig, also found one in three women (33 per cent), have at least one pair they have never worn.

The typical female’s denim collection also includes at least one pair of designer jeans which cost #107.

And she can expect to own the average pair for four years and four months.

Teresa Arbuckle, of Grundig, said: ”We always knew that the relationship between a woman and her jeans was important.”

”So we created products to help preserve our denim for as long as possible.

”From the special 20 minute ‘steam refresh’ function to MultiSense technology that recognises the weight and type of fabric being washed, our machines care about your jeans just as much as you do. “

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