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Earn brand mentions, press coverage and authoritative backlinks that help you generate more traffic and attract more customers.

Whether your goal is to expand your travel business or simply strengthen your brand, the right PR strategy can make all the difference. As digital PR specialists, we understand what it takes to earn valuable media coverage for your travel business.

From hotels and tour companies to travel agencies, aggregators, deal websites and more, we work with a diverse range of travel businesses to plan and execute digital PR campaigns that generate real results.

Interested in working together? Read on to learn more about our PR process and services for travel businesses, or get in touch now to discuss your PR and marketing goals with our team.

Our PR Process

Whether your goal is to directly increase bookings through PR or strengthen your brand, we’re here to help. As specialists in digital PR, we can help your travel business earn press coverage, brand mentions, authoritative backlinks and mass exposure.

Our process starts by learning about your travel business’s goals. When you contact us, you’ll talk to a member of our team about your key goals, your short-term goals, as well as your key long-term objectives for your business.

After we understand your goals, we’ll prepare a thorough campaign plan that incorporates real, measurable objectives. We choose the KPIs that are most important for your business in order to track progress, whether they’re brand mentions, sentiment or direct bookings.

We specialise in in-depth, customized research, allowing us to find the best media placements for your content. From leading newspapers to industry-specific websites, our huge network of partners and outreach team allow us to track down the best options for your brand.

After we’ve prepared campaign objectives and identified the best places for your content, we’ll execute. Our team specialises in producing real, measurable results via PR, from authoritative backlinks to detailed media coverage.

From beginning to end, our goal is simple: to help your business achieve its marketing, brand and visibility goals through effective digital PR.

Real Results and Backlinks, Guaranteed

Great PR is all about results. Whether you’re aiming for brand mentions or backlinks, any PR campaign you invest in needs to produce real, measurable results that contribute to growth or other objectives for your business.

Because of this, we offer a guarantee that your PR campaign will always generate at least a certain number of high quality, authoritative backlinks. Learn more about our guaranteed PR coverage and how it can help your travel business achieve its marketing objectives.

Contact Us to Get Started

From brand mentions to authoritative backlinks, improved search visibility and more traffic, our PR campaigns can generate real results for your travel business.

As specialists in travel PR, we work with a diverse range of businesses. From hotels and travel agencies to aggregators, airlines and more, our experienced team can help your business grow through digital PR.

For more information about our travel PR services, to request a proposal or to get started with your campaign, contact us now.

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