Targeted Finance News

We guarantee coverage for finance press releases and are able to guarantee same-day coverage on a range of high-ranking financial news media.

Targeted Finance News

The team at PR Fire can maximize the reach of your finance news with our PR tools, focused journalist lists and media partnerships. It’s our goal to get your story the exposure it deserves. 

Communicate Important Financial News Quickly

The finance industry moves at a break-neck speed. If you’re a bank, brokerage company or investment firm, a press release is a valuable tool. It can get your finance news in front of the public and your shareholders in a timely manner and paint a clear picture of important things happening at your firm or in the financial world. 

Press release distribution is an easy way to announce company news, mergers and acquisitions, new appointments and financial results. Our team can target national or regional media outlets and journalists to get your news in front of an audience that cares. We have partnerships with Yahoo Finance, MarketWatch, Benzinga, Business Insider and more. 

Financial news
Finance news

Investor and Public Relations

Keeping the public and your shareholders informed about your firm’s news is vital. A press release offers a fast, affordable way to keep interested parties up to date on company changes, strategic initiatives, partnerships and financial goals. 

Distributing your financial press release to trade media and industry journalists gets your story in front of an audience that may have a vested interest. This is a great way to maintain healthy relationships with investors, attract new clients and boost the visibility of your firm. 

Increase Your Brand Awareness and Reputation

If your firm is doing exciting things in the financial sector, like launching new products or garnering industry awards, people need to know about it. This is a great opportunity to enhance your brand awareness and boost your reputation as a thought leader. 

Press release distribution will get your exciting financial news out in the world and also allow you to flex your expertise. Publishing research projects and offering financial analysis will help strengthen your credibility with clients and shareholders while also attracting media attention. This goes a long way in an industry as competitive as finance. 

How It Works

Our user-friendly portal lets you build your campaigns with ease while staying in control of your budget. Track your total cost as you increase your reach with our guaranteed publishing options. 



Choose your target industries and regions.


Opt for immediate distribution or schedule your release for a later date.


Select your guaranteed placement add-ons.


Send us your press release, media contact and relevant URLs.

Enjoy the Benefits of Expert Financial Press Release Distribution

Let PR Fire help your financial news make a real impact. Our press release distribution options let you tailor your campaign to meet your needs. We also offer press release writing, international press release distribution, translation services and stand-alone guaranteed publishing options.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We operate on a pay-as-you-go system with no contracts or unexpected fees. This allows you to stay in control of your budget and scale your campaigns as needed.

While the $110 distribution includes syndication to Reuters, MarketWatch, Dow Jones, Lexis Nexis and Google News sites, we can’t guarantee earned media coverage. The media coverage you receive is entirely dependent upon the pick-up of the story.

Our distribution team will target relevant media journalists, reporters and bloggers working in or writing about your industry and/or press release topic. We can also add specific publications to your distribution list upon request. 

To secure the publication of your press release, we offer guaranteed add-ons starting at just $55.

Your business can distribute a press release about a wide range of topics. A company event, an award you’ve won, a product release, a promotion or high-profile new hire – these are all common topics for press releases. If your business has news you want the public to know about, a press release can deliver it. 

We can offer white-labeled press release distribution service, which will ensure our name or branding doesn’t appear associated with your content.

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