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5 Celebrities with Their Luxury Watches that Define Their Fame

Press Release: December 03, 2020

Celebrities are reckoned as fashion icons, and their personal choices contribute significantly to the development of the fashion industry. When it comes to accessories, they know how to create a statement. And it is interesting to see that a wristwatch can define so much of an individual’s true nature.

No doubt, celebrities’ wrist candy also manifests how graceful their respective bank account is. Luxury watches are not only today perceived as a device for tracking time but also fully-fledged fashion statements.

Of course, Hollywood actors, singers and other notable personalities have their watch collection. Many of them are even brand ambassadors. While they are acknowledged as trendsetters and fashion icons, a celebrity’s endorsement of any specific watch simply helps propel the brand’s popularity and sales.

So here is a list of eight celebrities and their watch of choice that expresses a lot about them.

1. Leonardo Dicaprio

There are only a few actors who are sufficiently pliable to film a classic remake and later start working on a crime movie. And one of them is the popular Leonardo Dicaprio.

Besides his acclaimed acting skills, Leonardo Dicaprio is also beloved for his classic fashion sense. This handsome actor has been spotted strapping a TAG Heuer Carrera. The enhanced readability of the watch seems to complement the clean look of the actor perfectly.

However, the double anti-reflective treatment offered to this TAG Heuer Carrerra model is responsible for the increased legibility.

2. Daniel Craig

Is there anyone who doesn’t know the new James Bond? This iconic fictional character wore a costly timepiece in all its movies. With this in mind, it should seem quite obvious to see Daniel Craig wearing a Rolex watch.

However, he is mostly spotted wrapping Rolex timepieces around his wrist in reality. Daniel Craig is known to own seven watches from the elite Geneva-based Swiss brand – Rolex. Interestingly, he was currently seen with his allegedly seventh Rolex, and it is none other than the iconic GMT-Master ‘PEPSI’.

3. Rihanna

“Oh, how ‘bout a round of applause ……. But it’s over now ….. Go on and take a bow”. This song “Take A Bow” of the pop star Rihanna became an instant hit across the world. However, the music video captured the attention of the fanatics as well as paparazzi. Why?

This is because the video featured Rihanna wearing Piaget Polo watch in 18ct gold at the beginning. The fact is that the Swiss brand imparted many Piaget watches along with bracelets for the pop star to wrap on the wrist throughout her performance.

Interestingly, the 18ct yellow gold Piaget exquisitely contrasted against the black scenery in her video. Well, how much do you think the timepiece cost?

4. Pierce Brosnan

Actors playing the role of James Bond always have an association with expensive timepieces, and Pierce Brosnan also includes in this list. This good-looking actor has been seen wearing an Omega Seamaster in all his James Bond films.

However, the watch flaunts a vibrant blue bezel and a steel bracelet. It also comes with a screw-in crown, and the case-back showcases the logo of Omega hippocampus engraved on it. Furthermore, this exquisite watch from Omega features a helium-escape valve.

5. Ashley Tisdale

Did you watch the High School Musical film? This movie holds a significant place in Ashley Tisdale’s life as her popularity literally escalated after she became a part of this movie.

However, she is also recognised for her roles in several Disney films and shows. She has even caught her fanatics’ attention with her beautiful voice. Well, this talented and flexible actress is said to look very elegant and charming wearing a Gold Rolex.

This expensive watch accompanied her on the premiere night of the film – Journey 2: The Mysterious Island.

All in all, luxury wristwatches are considered to be one of the most convenient ways for celebrities and affluent people to make a fashion statement. A luxury watch is a symbol of fame and prestige, and it indeed boasts a lot about the person wearing it.

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