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Aikido Club Hampstead is Accepting New Signups for Classes

Press Release: August 02, 2016

London–Traditional Aikido is the form of martial arts being taught at the renowned Aikido Club Hampstead in London, England and the club is now accepting signups, as of this month. The useful and enjoyable classes are designed to ward off multiple attackers, with both beginner and more advanced students eligible to participate there.

The quality Aikido training at Aikido Club Hampstead emphasizes achieving oneness or harmony with the self and the universe, without being overly aggressive. Within the safe training environment, new students can expect to not just memorize where to place hands and feet but more importantly to connect all movements to the body’s center.
Indeed, Aikido ClubHamstead’s training sessions focuses not on what a person does but instead on how to do it. A sense of understanding is integral to excelling in this particular form of martial arts at the Hampstead club. Students can expect to earn a deeper sense of harmony within themselves and with the external world as they advance to higher Dan grades, as well as practicing a Japanese martial art that encourages long-term health and a sense of joy.

Aikido Club Hampstead welcomes new members, regardless of skill level, to Tuesday sessions from 8-9:45pm, and encourages interested youth and adults to watch a class on site at Jubilee Hall Clubs to determine if it is right for them.

About Aikido Club Hampstead
The Aikido Dojo at Aikido Club Hampstead is the best of its kind in London. The lessons teach the traditional Iwama Aikido style, with a training focus on developing mind and body. The teachings are based on the techniques of Aikido founder MoriheiUeshiba, which were passed on to student Morihiro Saito, who trained at the London Aikido Club.Senior instructor Stefan has been with the club for over two decades and started doing Aikido in the 1970s.Through the timeless martial art technique, students can earn a oneness-of-soul.

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